Hello World – Or Another Rebirth on the Most Hideously Overpopulated Planet in the Known Universe

Warning, world: This first post is merely a rant. An unimportant rant. No need to read it. I mean it. Don’t read this! You have been warned. Go elsewhere. Really do! Bye. Byyyyyyyye!

Oh, I am so disgusted… I just went to gravatar.com (which has been absorbed and is now just a function inside wordpress.com) to register an avatar or at least see what’s involved. I was instantly offered a free blogging platform. Since blogging on Weebly has been disappointing and I read a rant today by someone blasting Weebly as totally unsuited for continuing to working with it, I thought, “Well, why not? I might at least copy my Weebly blogs on WordPress and see where more traction develops. After all, WordPress has long been on my radar, too.” And then…

And then…

You can guess, right?


Yes, beanstock.wordpress.com already exists!  What the…?!?!?  It’s some… thing… by some stay-at-home parent, apparently, with just two self-absorbed, meaningless-to-the-world-at-large posts in all its nearly 7 years of existence. Oh, and TheBeanstock also exists on WordPress.com, with no post at all. Don’t I always say it’s become completely impossible to be original nowadays? Or unique? Life has such a way of repeating itself…

What happened since the last time I scoured the net for doubles and duplicates of myself? In this quick search, I now found some new Beanstocks. We’re still not a large flock. Most of them are just unintentional misspellings of ‘beanstalk’, causing me once again to feel devalued and even besmirched in a darkly ironic way, since – by the power of association – the dunces who commit these orthographic embarrassments imply to the world that  I  can’t spell… AAAAIIIIIEEEEEE!!!  What insult to add to the injury!

So here you have it:  I used to think I was a person, a man of thoughts and ideas who long ago created a cartoon alter ego called Beanstock combining an iconic counter culture meme with a private one which addressed my skinniness when I was young; but it turns out I am just an ignorant misspelling now. You came all this way only to meet a misspelling pretending to be a man. Sorry for wasting your time…

Easy now! Time out… Enough self-centered rant! The kind I usually don’t do. Don’t bother other netizens with it! … But then this is a starter post… an introduction… a foundation stone… a sign post, a mere marker. It is by its very nature just about itself and its author who prefers not to waste too many electrons today on elaborating about himself. So, maybe this once, I can be forgiven. This post basically only marks a beginning for archival purposes. Nobody should read it, at least not now. Well, at least I warned everybody at the outset, didn’t I?

Maybe I’ll post here again in the future to give this first post a right to exist, after all. Just not now. I need some sleep; and as always when I put myself to bed, I have a world to forget.

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