The Drone Killers

Have you been slightly worried about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in irresponsible or nefarious private hands, spying, assassinating, or bringing down passenger aircraft? Have you heard about jammers which work only on the cheap drone models and gun owners who get in trouble over shooting these things down? Well, that’s not everything! There are all sorts of developments including rescue workers, birds of prey, and ‘death rays’.  Here are two recent news articles with added video footage about the war on drones. Some of the why’s and how’s may surprise you:

  1. Eagle-eyed: Dutch police to train birds to take down unauthorised drones
  2. Anti-drone ‘death ray’ can blast vehicles out of the sky from a mile away

Oh, yes, and as one of the articles tells: We humans aren’t the only living beings on Earth who are concerned and taking action, even without human trainers. Once again, we are at war with nature. Yeehaah!


2 thoughts on “The Drone Killers

  1. Something flew over while we tried to sleep! This has become a common occurrence in the middle of the night up here. I suspect it’s something official since it happens often around the same time of night. But what do they expect to find at night!? Illegal sleepwalkers? Late night refrigerator binges? Or perhaps even late night peeping toms using drones?


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