Why America Should Elect Sanders

Summary:  America needs a political revolution of sweeping changes. As a man of courage, wisdom, and principles, Sanders has important qualities, and even his age – sometimes bemoaned by others – is actually an asset. Read on if you want to know why.

Let’s be honest, Americans are sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time.  We deplore how our jobs have been sent abroad or eliminated through automation, our incomes have fallen behind inflation or been outright cut, both parents must earn the family income when only a generation ago one sufficed. We have had it with our healthcare being lost or suspended every time we change or lose jobs. We have had it with banks and Wall Street who have cheated us out of house and home and then been bailed out with our tax money as soon as their  Ponzi scheme finally went poof. We have had it with our political representatives being picked and bought by billionaires and dancing to the tunes of their paymasters. We have had enough of our laws being written by billionaire-paid “think tanks” and rewritten just the night before Congress votes on them, so that even honest congressmen and women cannot know what they are voting on. We are tired of paying for wars which benefit only a few warmongers, cost endless lives, cause giant floods of refuges, and foment terrorism aimed at us. Some of us are even waking up to how our modern financial system is a big fraud where bankers throw us into eternal debt over loans of money which they never owned in the first place (I’ll write more on that in the future).  A growing number of us realizes that our towns and natural environment are being systematically destroyed for the profit of a few billionaires who don’t even need it, right up to upsetting our planet’s climate. And our schools… oh yeah… don’t even get me started on our schools! In short, we have had enough of the endless lies and corruption.

When I say we are sick and tired, I mean it both literally and figuratively. We are literally sick from the sad state of our healthcare which is still not for everyone, and literally tired from being overworked and underpaid. Figuratively speaking, we have had it up to here with our thieving upper class and their political henchmen steering us into ruin and abolishing the fair and equitable society our much celebrated American Revolution was supposed to bring us. We need another revolution now: a political revolution of change, even if that change were to be no more than making true on the promises of the past: a government of the people, by the people, and for the people guaranteeing liberty and justice for all as well as freedom from fear and want, thus honoring our unalienable Rights among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The president isn’t the whole of the government, but with a man on our side in the White House for a change, we will be in a much better position to press for a cleanup in Congress and everywhere else.

Obama won big in 2008 for this very reason despite our easily rigged electronic voting machines which leave no paper trail for a recount when chicanery like that of the year 2000 occurs. Many of us remember that Obama promised us change in 2008, and we the people went for it in a landslide. We will do the same with Sanders who defies the usual election process. Look, how farcical this process has become with pre-picked candidates from among whom we can only choose the least evil, with gerrymandering in voting districts, vote suppression, candidacy suppression, and a purposeful elimination of the ballot paper trail lest we be able to prove election fraud like in Florida and Ohio in 2004! A lifelong Republican told me in 2008 he would remain a Republican, but with a large donation for the Democratic candidate Obama he was sending a signal to his party to return to its principles and listen to its true base rather than to the representatives of that unholy marriage of big money to an extremist fringe which has owned the GOP by now for at least two decades.

Doing the same gets you the same. Therefore, much like the lifelong republicans who supported Obama, I myself decided at the last election to never again vote for an “electable” least evil from among the BIG billionaire puppets which are picked for us by one of the two subdivisions of our one and only BIG party – the Dempublicans AKA Remocrats. Instead, I decided, I would vote for real candidates who stand for real and desirable change, even if – at the time – they might not yet stand a chance to be elected. After all, most beginnings are small, but they can grow when given a chance. If many of us were to  vote our conscience, the message certainly would be noticed by those who for the time being still hold power over us and rig the system. I am sure our oppressors took real notice of Sanders this week in New Hampshire, and he probably will now come under full attack from their slander machine which will predictably paint him as anything from a dreamer to a commie when, in fact, he merely favors the very sensible policies of Western European nations like Germany and Denmark which would do America a  world of good. The difference from other non-puppet candidates who represent us rather than Big Money, is that Sanders can actually win the presidential election, looking at his past successes, his broad popular support, and his mainstream platform of solving the problems of the American People. And should the electronic counts once again be rigged this year to hail someone else into the White House (as was so blatantly done back in 2004), the American people may be awake enough and motivated enough this time to no longer take it completely lying down. Anger has been brewing. There is an awakening at last. Too much has been stolen from us for too long. Continued election fraud on a large scale is going to have consequences. This week, Sanders showed tremendous resonance with all ages and genders among New Hampshire’s voters, with only two small exceptions: The privileged wealthy, who tend to fear any modern day Robin Hood who might do something about their ill-gotten gains, and (ironically) his own age group who had a slight preference for Clinton. They may not be going with the times, what with Clinton standing for the old guard which has been selling us out for decades, her husband having signed NAFTA and abolished Glass-Steagall both of which did much to ruin our economy, laying the ground work for the Great Recession, and – for many years before that – caused a deluge of Mexican economic refugees streaming across the border .

I will now specifically address Sander’s qualities, including his age: Sanders has stood for what’s right throughout his 34 years in elected office and even before. He knows the system inside and out, even as he doesn’t in the slightest seem to have been corrupted by it, unlike so many others. He preferred smaller but honest roles all those years, if you can call Representative and Senator small (reelected with a whopping 71% of the popular vote last time); and only now as America desperately needs a true people’s candidate for its presidency and the Billionaire Class is mocking us with the likes of Donald Trump has he pushed himself to make this sacrifice instead of taking a well deserved retirement. And what about his oh-so-high age? Let me be blunt: Sanders, unlike Obama, is old enough not to worry about falling out of political favor, as presidents often do. He has lived a full life and may not even survive his presidency. He can afford to commit political suicide. He might even conclude that risking assassination (not exactly unheard of in American politics) is well worth a great victory at the end of his life-long fight for what is right when the natural end of his life is looming near at any rate. Thus he can boldly stay his course on the issues and play hardball with the enemies of the people, such as Obama never did. Sanders has little reason to be as timid as Obama has been who promised us much but delivered little having been far too easily derailed by the bought puppets in congress and possibly some unelected menacing organizations I won’t mention here. Recall that Obama in 2008 won by a landslide too big for election fraud to be committed credibly – or perhaps the GOP simply thought it was once again time to let the Dems take the blame for Republican misdeeds and failures. After all, presiding over the Great Recession just breaking wasn’t going to look good. Either way, Obama had huge popular support, and as our first black president, his very existence improved our record of racism in the eyes of the whole world. Some surely thought he would wash us clean. He also had promised real healthcare reform and vowed to close the great shame of our nation: Guantanamo Bay. He caved on both. Instead of wheeling and dealing and giving in, Obama could surely have shamed his opponents, named them publicly every time they were blocking him. We would have supported him. Those crooks and cowards in office who treat their posts as sinecure rather than public service would have felt our anger. We could have had huge numbers of recall elections and a reformed congress. We loved Obama then and would have done much at his behest if only he had taken leadership in our name. But he didn’t have the guts to challenge the establishment. I sometimes call him our Chocolate President: sweet, brown, and (originally) loved by most… and just a soft. He didn’t have the courage or the conviction to enforce his promises. He didn’t dare. Sanders is known to dare, and he can afford to dare greatly – having little left to lose at his age. Imagine, Bernie Sanders was an independent most of his years in public office! This alone takes balls in the American political system where the Remocrats monopolize access and rising to national political office without party support is nearly impossible. This fact speaks for an enormous dedication to the people’s issues and an adamant resilience against being bought by the establishment. It also speaks for his loyal voters who knew what they had in him. Only for this presidential race, so as not to be blocked by the monopoly nor to risk ushering in an egomaniacal clown from the far right by splitting the mainstream’s vote, has Bernie Sanders joined forces with the Democratic Party, the organization which used to marshal common people’s issues in the past but needs renewal like our whole system does. This move proves Sander’s political acumen. He knows what he’s doing and when to do it. I can’t believe our luck that we have someone like him stepping up to the plate at this critical time. We had better take advantage of the opportunity. It may be a while before another like him comes along!

I hope I have stated the case clearly. Your comments are more than welcome.

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