The Dark Side of Money

Quote: It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about? ~ Henry David Thoreau

The American Dream has long been that when you work hard you will live well. The work did not even have to be all that hard in an America of fair pay for fair work. Ever more people are now coming to the realization, however, that this America is a thing of the past, a dream lost and replaced by the American Nightmare which closely resembles the hopeless entrapment long lived elsewhere on Earth and which is leading us in a straight line towards Dickensian squalor. No wonder that emigration from America is now at an all-time high and the migration of Mexicans in its net total has reversed its direction. Many Americans are now leaving the sinking ship, only to then be persecuted by U.S. government agencies like runaway slaves.

How did it come to this?

Many of us are familiar with toxic trade treaties like NAFTA and the TPP, the hand of Walmart in offshoring manufacturing, automization being used to eliminate jobs rather than make us all more affluent, the elimination of job security by CEOs who – for the sake of improving the bottom line in the short run (and so as to rake in a big bonus for themselves) – fire experienced workers to then replace them with entry level workers paid a much lower wage. We also witnessed the mortgage bubble where our bankers and Wall Street gangsters gambled away our homes for their personal profit. All this you probably knew already.

But there is more…

Invisibly to most of us, the very thing which underlies and greases our economy is rigged against us. I am talking about our money. Most of us still think of it as innocent, inert bills and coins used to more easily trade products and services. However, our money has long been changed into something quite different, namely conjured numbers in bank accounts, based on debt and constantly creating more debt which enslaves us all. We are indeed all enthralled to the banks. Even our employers are enthralled to the banks. Everybody is. All of us individuals, all of our businesses, and even our governments. All have to tithe endlessly to the banks. All are held endlessly in debt. The huge national debt about which we hear at times, is not just the result of irresponsible spending by some politicians. It is, in fact, systemic to our monetary system. To summarize, our banks create money from thin air when they make out loans. They loan out money which they don’t have. Then they charge interests which we – unlike the banks – cannot pay with invented money but with money earned through actual work. Thus we all work for the bankers, much like our ancestors did for their aristocracies. It is a system which needs to be included in the changes humanity needs to make in order to once again put human life in the center of attention instead of monetary profit most of which is diverted to a few obscenely rich parasites at the top.

The modern monetary system can be quite well understood via Paul Grignon’s video “Money as Debt” which starts with the simplifying, yet very enlightening, allegory of The Gold Smith’s tale, a variant of which can also be read here: “Chapter 26 β€” The Goldsmith Who Became a Banker β€” A True Story”

Here is one of various Youtube uploads of Paul Grignon’s video:

On Paul Grignon’s Official website, presumably the latest (and most accurate) version of his revealing video can be found. When you comprehend how we are kept enthralled by our monetary system, you will realize – even more than you may already have – that we need to demand and install true representatives of the people in all parts of our government so we can unrig our system thoroughly, all the way to our corrupt form of money where the baked-in theft within our economy begins. We simply cannot afford this corrupt system and its shills in government anymore.

3 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Money

  1. Capitalism is inherently rigged to keep a small minority extremely rich and, essentially, useless, whereas the rest of humanity is kept busy 24/7 trying to keep their heads above water with little time to plot destruction, takeover, reconciliation or any other radical adjustment of the worthless rich. The banks harbor the unearned earnings of the super-rich while keeping the rest of us at bay and dependent on them. It’s win-win for the banks and they call the shots. God help us that they soon feel the Bern!


    1. Well said. Only, the banks don’t simply harbor the unearned loot of industrial magnates, they pull the strings behind the scenes and have transformed themselves from service providers to our masters, even the masters of the other capitalists and our governments. This needs to be understood if working people are to get busy and reform the politico-socio-economic system which is rigged against them. Our money itself is rigged and needs to be reformed.


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