Weekend Movie Advice

On international flights and in foreign countries, the following movies have recently come out and reported to me (thankfully I wasted none of my own time on them):

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens:
My advice to movie goers:Β  Don’t watch a sequel once the story has run its course.

My advice to women:Β  Don’t marry mountain climbers.

[cut: you may imagine or fill in more such reviews of recent movies here]

My advice, if you want to watch a good movie, avoid the hyped up releases in cinemas. Do some research first and find yourself a DVD or online video of a good classic like Mel Brook’s The Twelve Chairs, or – if you hunger for something you haven’t seen before – a movie which never reached great fame in the mass market but is a true gem (such as that fable about modern times, filled with dark humor, a haunting sound track, and spectacular photography despite a shoe string budget, and too deep for most mass-media-damaged people of today to “get”: No Such Thing). Or you might find great joy among productions without a Hollywood connection, like the timeless comedies of the great French comedic actor Louis de FunΓ¨s.


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