Opinion: Trump, Clinton, or Sanders


Today, I came across a question on MoveOn.org asking if progressives should begin to actively campaign against Donald Trump for fear that he might otherwise take the White House.

Well… … …

I imagine I might rank among the target audience since I am decent and fair minded and forever concerned about the lives of all people, not just my own and my family’s. Still, I couldn’t help but disagree with the suggested course of action. I guess, I am taking the high road along the lines of give me liberty or give me death. Here is my reasoning:

The question assumes that Sanders won’t make it. In that case, I am frankly not sure if I would prefer Hillary Clinton over The Trump. To me, both represent the ruling establishment, except The Donald does it more brazenly. I see him as a narcissistic, in-your-face, reckless rich guy with entitlement megalomania and the usual contempt for working people. He also sports some erratic extremism for good measure. If he were to occupy the White House, he might manage to antagonize and thereby politicize the long sleeping American People enough to finally shrug off the yoke of the unholy marriage between the moneyed and political classes. With Trampling Trump in the Oval Office, who could still deny the ludicrous freak show our political system has become since it was bought by Big Money? In contrast, Hillary might just calm things down enough to let us all sink back into dispirited resignation. I, for one, would rather put up with more hardship for a while to ensure a bright future than keep on going in the walking death my life has been since birth thanks to our cruel masters.  (This is a hint in the direction of those voters who only think about their budget at the end of the month!)

I could be wrong, of course. The future is always hard to tell. Still, this is a thought worth thinking. Obviously, I would prefer a friend of The People in the White House (that being Bernie Sanders). Afterwards I would like to see the rest of us putting on the necessary pressure to clean up Congress which is the other great stronghold of our masters. Then there are the state and local governments and the treacherous mass media. And while we’re thinking about cleaning up, let’s not forget devious demagogues in politics, the media, and religious circles, such as those who deluded many hurt and outraged Americans to join the so-called Tea Party which actually supports the very crooks who incensed these folks in the first place. They ought to be outed. But I am beginning to digress… To return to the original question, I think good people should support Sanders all the way. If he is cut down, we might as well get Trump. That way, we will at least not delude ourselves into thinking we had a narrow escape.

Now, what do you think?


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