Living is Life’s Priority

For those many of us caught in the daily rat races or the lifelong hamster wheel, here is an important reminder we should probably hang over our desks, doors, and mirrors: Living is Life’s Priority

Some of us might want to add: You are always replaceable, except for yourself.

Most of us are beset by problems and responsibilities, so we easily forget that living life is the real priority. All my life I have placed priority on looking for jobs, holding on to jobs, paying bills and taxes, saving money only to lose it in the next calamity, and so forth. If I keep postponing my living, I will be dead before I have ever lived.

In my case, I only feel truly alive when I am writing. So, if I postpone that, I risk not living my life. I won’t be able to write after I am dead.

But what about living expenses and family obligations, you ask? How can you escape them? Mark that I am saying the above as one who doesn’t have the luxury of people with a fat inheritance or a lucky career and capital accumulation, people who โ€“ whether they realize it or not โ€“ were blessed by the lottery of life and may be able to afford simply quitting their jobs this very moment, even if it could mean for them having to move to a smaller house. I have to fight for this, make sacrifices, seek creative solutions. There are ways. Free or cheaper food, second-hand stores, reduced consumption, medical tourism, cheaper places to live (maybe at the end of the world), no heating in winter, no air conditioning in summer, perhaps only a room in a basement…, sometimes (sometimes!) even getting paid for what you love to do. Only, you shouldn’t wait for the latter opportunity since it comes to few.

Remember:ย  Nobody can live your life but you.

Back to you my friends.

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