Don’t let Yourself be Duped – Hat Tip to New York’s Political Machine and the Mass Media

The truth:  What Tuesday’s New York Primary actually doesn’t mean.

This was quite a week. New York’s Political Machine outshone itself in its crookery this time.

One hears truly impressive accomplishments: 60,000 democratic voters “purged” from the system in Brooklyn alone in the last 5 months; polling places changed at the last minute; “glitches” in the voting machines not allowing votes for Sanders; other voting machines changing Sanders votes to Clinton votes, and democratic voter registrations mysteriously changed to independent voter status. All this on top of the age old redistricting and mischief with voter ID laws. And lets not forget that New Yorkers were only allowed to vote for Sanders if they registered themselves as Democrats back in October when hardly anybody knew Sanders was running. What a marvelous non-democracy New York’s political machine has wrought. I’d say, N.Y. has to take no guff from states like Ohio and Florida. Kudos New York. You truly are the right home for Wall Street.

New York’s Political Machine, which exists for the sole purpose of stealing elections away from New Yorkers and preventing democracy from working, threw all this into the fight in order to hand its mistress Hillary a stout and decisive victory with which to parade in the news media and proclaim superiority over her competitor Sanders (and the American people). Naturally the corporate media instantly did the same, asserting the game was over for Sanders. Only… if you look more closely… say, if you remember Obama’s nomination… well, then you see it is all another smokescreen intended to hide the truth: the truth that Hillary’s campaign failed miserably even in her home state.

You see, eight years ago at exactly the same juncture, Hillary was running against Obama. The setting was eerily similar to this week’s: Countess Clinton swaggering in her blue blooded assurance of political class family ties, Obama a little-known newcomer to the nation’s limelight. There is one difference: Sanders, this Tuesday, decisively outdid Obama in winning delegates away from Hillary. In 2008, Clinton took 139 delegates to Obama’s 93 in the New York Primary, whereas last night she managed only 135 to Sanders 104, meaning that Sanders soared by netting 31 delegates more than Obama in 2008, a whole third more, while Hillary actually netted less than she did in 2008. In next door Wall Street there work plenty of people who could tell her that her stock is falling.

So, for all that false fanfare and forced celebration, behind the mask of Hillary’s frozen smile – and a little further down – her stomach must have been churning. What does it bode for her if she did worse than eight years ago?

The mendacious mass media whose figureheads betray the American people, their brothers and sisters, their parents and grandparents, and even their own children every time they open their mouthes, would have us believe that Hillary’s current lead of some 225 votes (falsely inflated to 275 by adding 50 undecided super delegates) means her victory is assured. They conveniently leave out that we still have 19 primaries to go and 1400 delegates to win. And even though some of these primaries are closed primaries like New York’s (meaning that only registered Democrats can vote) they aren’t quite as rigged to game the system. In New Jersey, for example, voters can choose party affiliation at the polls.

So, no matter what the lying media tell us, a lot can still happen before the nomination votes are over. Just as it did when Hillary ran against Obama. Don’t let yourself be duped.

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