Do People Lie on Online Dating Services?

Webb’s takeaway: you can’t blame the algorithms. But people do lie when they answer questions put to them by online dating services.

The sad truth:  They do!  A lot.  See: How one man became the perfect match for 30,000 women on OKCupid

What does that say about the relationship our modern society has developed with bullshit?

Oh, well, we might just look at U.S. politics to answer that question… (I hope the “Millennial” generation’s political movement will keep on growing to change that despite the regular defeats to be expected along the way. Let’s hope they have the stamina. But I digress.)



One thought on “Do People Lie on Online Dating Services?

  1. P.S.: I thought at first that the risk involved needed no telling, but then I realized that the described phenomenon probably means it does: IF YOU LIE TO OTHERS (AND YOURSELF!) IN YOUR PARTNER SEARCH, YOU WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY END UP WITH A PARTNER WHO ISN’T RIGHT FOR YOU. (The same also goes for more casual dates.)

    Should be obvious, shouldn’t it? But then, this kind of self cheating will happen rampantly in a society so used to bullshit its members no longer see the habitual deception for what it is and does. No wonder our political class capitalizes on (and foments) BS. A sardonic salute to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and all the others of their ilk. ;-p


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