Sanders, a Reality Check

For those who take Bernie Sanders for the reincarnation of Karl Marx or deem his proposals impractical, here’s a reality check:

Around the rest of the world, Mr. Sanders represents a point on the political spectrum that is mildly left of centre. His “wacky” ideas of free (and we’ll get to that term a bit later) education, free healthcare, regulating banks and corporations and so on are all actually staple ideas of many of the happiest and most prosperous countries in the world.

The above quotes a great article from Australia debunking some of the myths about Bernie Sanders and his political goals. You can find this article here on

Iif you still need convincing to read this fine article, here are is another quote:

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the happiest countries in the world index for 2016. The U.S. doesn’t make the top 10—but almost every single country that does has the kind of policies Mr. Sanders is promoting at some level. Looking at the other candidates, Hillary Clinton would in most countries be considered right of centre, not left. Donald and Ted? Man, those guys are so far right of centre you couldn’t plot where they exist—they’re pretty much off the spectrum.

… and another:

And all of this ignores the massive, massive elephant in the room: that your corporations, banks and politicians have no qualms about being socialist when it suits them. They’ll happily put their hands out for subsidies that they don’t need to make billions more that won’t be taxed—or when they tank your economy and the rest of the world’s economy they’ll complain that they’re too big to fail before taking all your hard earned money. None of them went to jail or even attracted regulation from the establishment politicians. Instead, they just got more money to continue as before.

And yet, so many of you continue to engage in pointless arguments over why your taxes should pay for healthcare, university and other social goods, when they are already paying for those at the top to continue polluting and disrupting the economy.

Now, maybe read the source?


2 thoughts on “Sanders, a Reality Check

  1. Except for his idea of gratuitous release of convicted felons, I agree with everything Bernie Sanders has to say. His ideas are simply practical and fair. Those who align against him have been cowed by the media into associating him with no-no ideas like “socialist”, “communist”, etc, proving how easy it is to brainwash Americans into clinging to the existing system which is so very, very bad for them.


    1. Thanks for the comment. And yes, people cling to what they know because they don’t realize there are better alternatives. I am poised to post another article specifically on this topic, probably on Monday or Tuesday.


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