The Nevada Coup Ends All Pretense of Democracy

Las Vegas, Nevada, May 14, 2016:  Yesterday, at Nevada’s Democratic Party Convention, Sanders was in the lead. He had won Nevada. So, the party chair (Roberta Lange) with some accomplices, unilaterally changed the rules thereby throwing out many Sanders votes and flipping the election, declared the convention concluded, and had the police clear the building.

Since Bernie Sanders began to run in the race for presidential candidacy, we have been hearing of voter suppressions, vote miscounts, and all sorts of electioneering being used against him (and obviously against democracy) in every state. It seems that when all these machinations still fail, the Hillary Conspiracy doesn’t even stop short of totalitarian regime methods.

I am so glad this was caught on tape. It often takes brazen violations of democracy like this for a duped people to wake up. Millions of Americans have already been waking up this year. They are rallying around Bernie Sanders and calling for legit politics and a fair and decent U.S.A. Take this word of warning, establishment kleptocrats: Keep playing us this contemptuously, and you will awaken more of us.

Conclusion #1: When they (the establishment) start losing, they change the rules.
Conclusion #2: The time for us the people to fight for our democracy is now.

As has been said:

The Cause Is Right and the Time Is Now!


In the following article and videos you can find out more details and watch more outrageous scenes; AND there is a petition you can sign:

Nevada Democratic Convention: Stories of Voter Suppression

Longer eyewitness video in which much is explained:

A cool-headed, yet damning report:


More Videos:
Nevada Democratic Convention: The Videos You Need to See

Last, not least: a White House Petition to investigate this travesty


P.S.: The delegate counting process in Nevada (as all over our country) is so needlessly complicated and convoluted (needlessly, unless you want to tamper with it, that is) that I admit, I am having real trouble figuring out who won what. I stated at the beginning that Sanders had won Nevada because of older news reports I had seen to this effect, but now I have come across hind sight explanations which suggest that Hillary’s count had narrowly won (I say her count, not Hillary, because I distrust the counts done in Nevada (and a lot of other places) at this point) and the whole point of this late convention was to ladle out a small handful of more delegates. *rolleyes*  Well, it’s consistent with my explanation that in our country they steal our votes in many small chunks. Anyhow, there are some good reports on this whole debacle and the smear campaign that followed it, and I am posting on them in a follow-up article. So, take a look at the next article. It serves up a lot of great videos. Enjoy!



5 thoughts on “The Nevada Coup Ends All Pretense of Democracy

  1. Yes it is. Leaving it all in the hands of two parties which have been hijacked by Big Money and seem to have thrown out the principles of democracy and decency is, I believe, no longer a valid option. We need an impartial running of our elections.

    Thanks for your comment. 🙂


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