Follow-Up on the Nevada Coup

The dismal, strong-armed Nevada state convention of the “Democratic” Party and the ensuing smear campaign last week, really demonstrated the playbook of how ruling establishments deal with the unruly, malcontent, unwashed masses — you know: the rest of us.

I reported on the power grab by Nevada’s “Democratic” party chairwoman and the wrongful delegate count tampering in my previous article (The Nevada Coup Ends All Pretense of Democracy) as soon as the news broke. Here, a week later, is a brief account of the entire playbook, followed by some great videos and links:


The Playbook

  1. Miscount votes, suppress voters, all the usual spiel on election day.
  2. If that isn’t enough, break some more rules (throw out vote counts and delegates, overrule motions, stifle debate, clear the room at conventions… in other words, what we saw in last Saturday’s Nevada Coup).
  3. When the excluded, disenfranchised, and mocked people protest, call in the police and have the collaborating mass media accuse them of “violence”, whether or not you have any evidence to back up this accusation. (They did not, by the way! I really wonder why they didn’t just shoot violent videos with actors or why they didn’t plug in some video of violence taken somewhere in downtown Bombay to back up their “news” stories. Instead, they showed no video footage or – worse – they clipped in actual videos from the event which showed no violence at all, only loudly voiced frustration. That’s just plain sloppy, corporate media!)
  4. When you are called out on it (the mainstream media, that is), follow your four-day slander spree with a three second blip of a little retraction when and where most people won’t see it, so you can claim you are still unbiased. After the preceding media storm the desired damage is done, after all. Mission accomplished.

Yep, that’s how it works, folks!


And now to the links. Here are some really informative (and entertaining, I’d say) videos:

    • Two (to three) good commentaries on the event by Cenk Uygur (“The Young Turks” host).
    • A well put together report about the “Nevada Chaos”:
    • A Bernie Sanders campaign response to the conventions’ vote tampering and the corporate media’s ensuing smear campaign against Sanders and Sanders supporters (this one clears up few things).
    • Another comprehensive explanation of what happened at the Nevada Democratic Party Convention followed by the angry consequence which may happen if such tactics are not eschewed by the Democratic Party going forward:


After all this, you may be wondering why does Bernie Sander’s response to all this sound so meek? I cannot really speak for him, but I would say he is a clever strategist. Running as an independent would split what is commonly called the “progressive” vote. If, on the other hand, he plays nice enough with the Democratic party not to embarrass it terribly in front of the entire nation but rather giving it a chance to clean up its act, return to a people’s party agenda, and let many new people in (especially young Americans) he can accomplish way more than merely win a presidency. For there is one thing those of us who want change could really use: a political party which represents us, and a strong one at that.

Secretly, I do hope, of course, that if the crooks in the party prevail in this nomination contest, that he will disassociate himself from them and run independently for president, or perhaps together with the Green Party. It would make for an interesting presidential election which he might actually win this way, although I can’t say how good the chances are. Future party politics would still be very much in the air, though. Hoo boy, this is an interesting year!


P.S.: The question arises, were those few delegates for Clinton really worth all that trouble at the Nevada convention. Another look into the playbook would suggest, they may have simply staged the whole travesty in order to eclipse Bernie Sanders’ popular message with the fabricated news of unpopular protesters. If so, let’s hope they underestimated the massive loss of potential party supporters when you piss them off like this.



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