How to Get Back a Stolen Party


Something REALLY BIG is happening this year. Something beyond the normal political theater. We the people are breaking away from the status quo. We have been used, lied to, manipulated, and robbed for many, many years. And we won’t take it anymore.

Princess Clinton, her corruption network, and the zombie media (sorry, but I feel the colorfully suggestive language is justified) often try to paint their challenger Bernie Sanders and his supporters as impractical dreamers. I ask, who is more practical – or should I say a better nominee for party and people: a status quo candidate (Hillary) who runs purely for selfish reasons seeking nothing but her inauguration and continued gravy train, or a seasoned statesman (Bernie Sanders) who has had many amazing successes and shows us how the most impossible victories for the people can be pulled off?

And this is how:

You do it by being bold, by challenging the status quo, by standing on your principles, by teaming up with others who want change, and by not apologizing for it to the powermongers, because – after all – you are doing the right thing. You don’t do it, as the Clintons want you to believe, through “incremental legislation” while getting cozy with the oligarchs, accepting millions of dollars in bribes, rigging electoral processes, and once in a while putting off the people with lip service or by throwing them a bone. Nor do you do it, as the corporate media would have you believe these days, through blind loyalty to a political party which has lost its way and now provides a safe haven for corrupt politicians. You don’t do it by abandoning your campaign and millions of hopeful Americans in order to unite behind a crook before the race is even over. And you definitely don’t achieve victories for the people by preventing democracy from happening in rigged nomination processes, nor by doing everything in your power to join the systemic corruption — you know, the Clinton way.

No, indeed, you fight for the people by putting the issues which matter to everyday Americans squarely back on the table, by energizing the party base and countless independent voters, and by reminding this hijacked political party of the good it once did and its obligation to become this kind of a party again.

Some can still remember, the Democratic party once sided with the millions of disenfranchised Americans of the Great Depression and later with the Civil Rights movement. By doing so, it made possible America’s Golden Age. Now, half a century later, we see the decline and devastation which resulted when this party lost its way and our American party duopoly descended to an all-time low of corrupt servitude to a bunch of wealthy oligarchs who want absolute power and all the nation’s wealth for themselves.

The then new breed of “Democrats” began being called neo-liberals. This kind of “liberalism” meant: the billionaires and their multi-national corporations can do whatever they want in America. To hell with everybody else.

Before Sanders’ campaign, we had lost all hope as two almost identical political parties were blocking anybody who would represent us in government. Now, thanks to Sanders, we have a crack at getting one of our stolen parties back. And that is an unbelievable win by the Sanders campaign. Hope is back!

We the people have two choices now: Either we oust the corrupt parties through a groundswell of independent candidates and through revealing, prosecuting, and ending the massive voter suppression and election fraud which by now have become systemic, or we can bring at least one of these parties back on the side of democracy and the American people. Bernie Sander’s campaign has made this fork in the road clear to the Democratic party and paved the way for party reform. The party’s base is boiling with hope that their party will return to the people.

As is to be expected, members of the plutocratic party leadership and some misguided foot soldiers have been resisting tooth and nail, all the way to the DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz stacking the national party convention committees against Sanders and scheduling the Clinton-Sanders debates at the worst possible times when few people will watch lest they see that Hillary has no substance. The race was also gamed with the “joint” Democratic fundraiser which takes all the money donated to the party and funnels it to the Clinton campaign (it’s called the Hillary Victory Fund for a reason!). Recently, the Nevada convention chairwoman would not be outdone and strong-armed the convention to give Hillary a few more delegates by wrongfully striking Sanders delegates from the rolls and making a mockery out of parliamentary procedure. Naturally, the mass-media followed suit with days upon days of drum-beating about alleged but untrue “violence” from Sanders supporters at that convention when the disenfranchised delegates dared to voice their protest and loudly called for due process. All these are dirty tricks from the establishment playbook trying to maintain the status quo.

What’s the media’s stake in all this, by the way? Merger approvals from a future “president” Clinton who is known to smile on monopoly formations rather than wanting to break them up as Teddy Roosevelt once did – to our nation’s great benefit – and which Sanders wishes to do again.

However, despite such predictable resistance and underhanded deeds, all hope is not lost for the Democratic party. An unknown number of honest men and women still reside among its delegates and functionaries. They now must begin to ask themselves where the party’s and their own best hopes lie. Meanwhile, outside the party, among all those independent voters who by now have become America’s largest voting block, an energetic movement is building to take back our country with or without the twin parties. When deciding whether to fight against or for the will of the people, the party leaderships better choose well.

It’s a heady time. A time of hope. There will be many battles. There will be depressing defeats. There will be glorious triumphs. There is, for the first time in generations, a real chance that we can make America American again, the land our founders envisioned, where all are created equal and there is liberty and justice for all.

Even if the election manipulators through their dirty and often criminal deeds thwart Bernie Sanders’ nomination, he will have achieved more than most famous reformers in history. And he is not alone. Millions upon millions of everyday Americans are with him in this fight, and new champions keep emerging: Zephyr Teachout, Lucy Flores, Pramila Jayapal, Justin Bamberg, David Bowen, Clara Hart, Terry Alexander, Carol Ammons, Chris Pearson, Jane Kim, Joe Salazar, Russ Feingold… a list which keeps growing. A list of those who make it their full time dedication to fight for what is right.

This is a movement, a political revolution, and it is finding its leaders.

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