Change is in the Air – Which Part will you Play?

Even people who have their heads stuck in the sand – which is to say they get all their “news” from the corporate media – must have noticed by now that something unusual is up this year. Indeed there is: Change is in the air. Real change. And the big question is: Who will be part of it?

The answer: The change which is coming is so big, we all will be part of it. The question then becomes: Which part?

The media-misinformed among us may play only a passive or marginal role since they have allowed themselves to remain clueless. In this little article, I will try to cure some of said cluelessness.

You see, for decades our country – and with it many of our lives – have been going downhill, all thanks to establishment politicians who we voted for seeing them as “lesser evils” — or sometimes even believing they were good people with our needs in mind. If you still think that our policy makers listen to us or care about us, just watch this short video which in simple terms explains a groundbreaking and meticulous study from Princeton and Northwestern University which proves once and for all that they don’t. They ignore us, the American people, completely!

I realized the same thing years ago and swore never again to vote for establishment politicians. What’s happening this year, is that I am no longer alone. Indeed, millions upon millions of people have joined in this. Back in 2008, I saw first signs that others were waking up, back when Obama won by a landslide because he incorporated small donors in his campaign and promised (but never delivered) change. This year, the American electorate has grown even angrier and is now determined not to accept establishment candidates anymore. This is a good thing! It’s wonderful! Hope is back!

What’s a bit funny is how it’s playing out, though:

On the Republican side, we have a billionaire whom lifelong Republican voters perceive as their non-establishment candidate because he isn’t one of the lackeys who sell themselves to the super-rich, their corporations, and Super PACs. These supporters overlook that he is one of those who has done the bribing all his life and is one of the super-rich himself. So he is still part of the establishment. Republican voters would be well advise to look around for someone else.

On the Democratic side, we have a truly interesting development. Here, a candidate who was practically unknown to the wider public and joined the race late has been head-to-head with the Democratic Party’s favored establishment nominee, Lady Hillary Clinton, of long name recognition and many connections in high places. In fact, I feel certain that if it hadn’t been for those countless election “irregularities” and “glitches” this year, he would have clinched the Democratic Party nomination long ago, possibly before Trump clinched his. The difference simply is: The Democratic Party establishment has been fighting their challenger much more efficiently and bitterly than the GOP did: striking Bernie Sanders’ supporters from the voter roles by the millions, spoiling millions of ballots cast for him, tampering with the results on electronic voting machines and vote tabulators, suppressing debates lest the electorate notice he is exactly the president they want and Hillary an empty suit without substance. Goodness, her speeches today are word by word copied from Sanders by now. That’s how much she brings to the table. And, yet, while the establishment politicians are circling their wagons around our plutocrat rulers, many old-time Democrats still haven’t smelled the bacon and keep supporting their establishment shill, being – as I said – clueless. Some, who either perform or condone the election fraud at which I merely hinted above for lack of space to describe it all, don’t even seem to care if Hillary “wins” or steals her nomination. For them it no longer matters if our President is elected or s-e-l-e-c-t-e-d. How far we have sunk!

And, yet, while the establishment politicians and their clueless or fanatically tribal foot soldiers circle their wagons around our billionaire overlords, it is not only becoming painfully obvious that the American people (especially those under 45 years of age) are massively turning out for revolutionary anti-establishment candidates across the country – now and in the future – but creative minds are coming up with other ways to fix our broken system, like anti-corruption laws enactable without cooperation from the parliamentarians who are busy circling the wagons. This is an exciting year indeed, the beginning of a political revolution, America’s SECOND revolution (unless, of course, you count other great change movements such as those for women’s and civil rights – movements which just like the current one were seen as mere rhetoric and impossible until they actually happened).

So, the question now is, to you, to every voter, and to the lifelong politicians who have gotten used to selling themselves out to huge campaign contributions and bribes from above, people like members of Congress and super delegates: Where do you stand?

Will you be part of this wonderful change or will you stand against it. Will you help getting Big Money and all forms of corruption out of our politics, or will you you go down fighting this tooth and nail? Will you join this much awaited change? Or will you join a herd of lemmings running over a cliff because it matters more to them what does – or doesn’t – dangle between their nominee’s legs than what this nominee stands for?

The political revolution which is taking shape won’t concern itself only with this year’s presidency. It will systematically hammer away at corrupt politicians everywhere, and it will keep doing it until they are gone. Still, to close this article with an insight on this year’s presidential election, heed this:

We currently have a GOP nominee (Trump) who is a compulsive liar and has spent all his life bribing, deceiving, and manipulating people with his inherited wealth — all to gain more power and wealth and that which he craves most: notoriety. His talk on the issues reeks of dangerous ignorance and empty bravado. His favorite trick to gain votes lies in hate speeches aimed at dividing the people, much as it was with a man named Hitler who many of us have forgotten was elected into his government’s highest office before he took absolute power by force. It’s a dark road to follow.

On the Democratic side, on the other hand, we have an old establishment politician who gained tens of millions of dollars while in public service (which must raise thorny questions) and who’s chances to win against Trump in November are (massive election fraud not withstanding) at best 50:50 and rapidly sinking according to polls. Meanwhile, there is also a real man of the people, Bernie Sanders, a working class guy, who is fighting against the corruption and for an America which works for all Americans. He is also allied (for now) with the Democratic party, having actually been an independent most of his political life, but he is holding that party’s feet to the fire on our behalf, and he handily wins against Trump in November in every poll ever taken. Check his record and listen to what he has to say. Then you may realize he could be our century’s Teddy Roosevelt breaking up the big banks and also our century’s FDR, the man who brought us Social Security and the G.I. Bill in the last century — measures which protected millions of our old, grew our middle class, and catapulted our nation forward economically and politically. It’s amazing, the Democratic Party, whose core values only he represents among our presidential nomination candidates, is fighting him tooth and nail to prevent his nomination. It says a lot about how far our corruption has come.

A note to Californians: If you are an independent (NPP) voter, you may be offered a provisional ballot to keep your vote from being counted since you are most likely a Sanders supporter. Do NOT accept a provisional ballot! You have been warned. Fight for your right to vote!

So, who do you think – once you are informed and actually do think – should be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee this year? And what part will you play in the great and wonderful change which is coming? And will we first have to suffer another set of horrible years under a self-serving phony, aka Trump, before the change comes through?

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