Please share this with any Californians you know: Ballot Spoilage Ahead!

A message to Californians: If you are an independent (NPP) voter, you will probably be offered a provisional ballot at the polling stations to keep your vote from being counted since you are most likely a Sanders supporter. Do NOT accept a provisional ballot! Fight for your right to vote! You have the right to get a “Democratic Crossover Ballot” (which hopefully has a considerably better chance to get counted) as late as June 7th!

Read more about it in the link above.

Note: NPP stands for No Party Preference in California where the “American Independent Party” confuses the term “independent” voter. In some counties in CA, they call NPP “unaffiliated” or even “decline to state”. Most of the rest of the country would call it “independent.”

If this (accidental? – yeah, right!) misdirection succeeds, it will amount to massive vote tampering against Bernie Sanders supporters (since most independents support Sanders). So, spread the word among Californian voters and poll workers if you care about democracy and want our candidates to be elected, not selected.



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