Things to say to Hillary Supporters


I see so much energy wasted and bad blood spilled in pointless quarrels this year. People who essentially want the same basic things, rank themselves in different camps and fight to the last drop for this or that candidate overlooking the issues which unite them. Here are some peaceable though brutally honest words which may at least help friends and family strained over the Democratic Nomination Contest to come together. Above, they are in a graphic and a below in a text box. Please share with anybody to good effect.

Dear Hillary Supporters:

We, too, want a female President, but what a shame if our first Woman President were a crook. We, too, don’t want Trump, and the polls show that Sanders, not Clinton, will beat him in November.

A more deserving Woman President is just around the corner! One who doesn’t have a sham marriage for political advancement and didn’t give out arms contracts to shady totalitarian regimes in return for million dollar donations to her scam “foundation”. It’s time now to get money out of politics and us, the people, into government: with Bernie now, and an awesome woman very soon.

Please take a moment to get to know Bernie like we do!


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