A Political Newcomer’s Thank You

The post to which I am linking below is a fine acknowledgment of a true American hero, a politician who has represented us the people during decades of advancing corruption in politics. I only must take exception to its endorsing of the corporate media’s lie that he “lost” his current campaign. Doing so only helps the establishment, even if that help is not intended. Any of us who adopt and echo the media’s newspeak should stop doing so.

Even if you overlook the fact that the race in question isn’t actually over yet, and only painted as being over by the corporate media to make us all give up on it, there is another reason why calling the race “lost” is wrong. Think about it: If I win a race but the judge has been bought and announces the runner-up the winner, and the equally biased media then quote the judge rather than calling him out, how exactly have I “lost” the race? I may have lost a battle against corruption, meaning that the war against corruption needs to continue (as it would have had to do anyway), but I haven’t “lost the race”. People who rewrite history are not actually changing the facts. They are only changing the reporting of the facts and thereby everybody’s perception of them! This is a strong reason for not repeating their mendacious language and false claims.

Cheating is not winning, and therefore being falsely declared the loser is not “losing”. It is something else. What would be the right word for it? Maybe “being thwarted”? Sadly, that’s two words. But, oh well. We the people have only begun to wake up and are still searching for the right words to describe our reality while the oligarchs’ “think tanks” and corporate media have been word-smithing for thirty years to warp our perception of reality so they could steal us blind and simultaneously rob us of our political representation right before our eyes. Watch this documentary if you haven’t already, to learn more:

No more! We are fighting back now. And we indeed owe a great deal of thanks to Bernie Sanders for sticking up for us during all those decades and for making us aware this year that we are no longer alone. Together we will fight on. For our rights. For our voice. For our country. For our future. For our lives.

Here is the post I have referenced: Bernie Sanders – Fighting For Us


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