Amazing Game: An Old Fox Playing Political Chess-Poker with the Establishment

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Breathe easy, fellow awakened citizens! The war on our rigged system isn’t lost just yet.

Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders did what many of us feared the most: He endorsed Hillary Clinton. [Insert scream here!]

Many of us have agonized ever since. Let’s let out a deep breath and think. Like Bernie does.

After we overcome our pain, we may still find a silver lining, right where Bernie put it. It has to do with the long haul. Read on.

Many of us have – finally! – turned away from rubber-stamping establishment politicians picked for us by the oligarchy. We want neither Hillary nor Trump — nor any other shills or members of the oligarchy. (Well, OK. Admittedly, a good number among us – the non-privileged American people – are still trapped in GOP loyalty so much they have convinced themselves that Trump is anti-establishment, just like they fell for the “Tea Party” before. One day, they hopefully wake up and dare to glance a little left, which really isn’t such a bad place as they have been taught.)

In fact, many of us were hoping against hope for Bernie to come out of Philadelphia as the logical nominee who is much better able to defeat Trump — despite of the closed primaries, voter suppression, and vote count fraud which have given Hillary a false lead of pledged delegates going into the convention. Well, actually, Bernie still might. If you listened closely, he didn’t concede the race! To the contrary: He urged all his delegates to attend the convention. Still, the odds always were against his nomination and still are, I fear.

If his nomination failed, many of us were hoping Bernie would run independent or on a third party ticket, maybe even with Jill Stein, an alliance made in heaven, probably way too good to be hoped for. Yes, people: Get to know Jill Stein. Also get to know some of the wonderful Bernie surrogates of his campaign who may run for President or Congress in the future. There are plenty of alternatives to the oligarchy’s establishment candidates. No reason to ever vote for their shills again!

Some of us hoped that Bernie running independent or third party would create a true people’s party strong enough to overcome the establishment wall formed by our two-party tyranny. Perhaps this could have happened, perhaps it still might. Although, to be frank, Bernie’s move this week goes in another direction and makes those scenarios unlikely in many of our minds, including mine.

Still, all is not lost. And here is why:

It’s time to take stock. Bernie raised and/or met several hopes in me this year:

  1. A president who is on the side of the people. (a long shot this early in America’s awakening)
  2. That I am no longer alone in my vision. (Check! Bernie proved that there are millions like me now! This victory has been achieved!)
  3. My main hope: That the momentum of his campaign might continue as a political revolution for the long haul. (Check! What he announced early this week suggests this is his main goal, too. Phew! What a relief!)

And that is the good news. We may be losing a battle, but we are far from losing the war. And like any brilliant general (or chess player), Bernie has – so far at least – put his main strength behind the most important goal: continuing the political revolution!

As he has always said – and he was always right about this – one person cannot change the rigged system alone. A good president is not enough, maybe not even necessary. What is necessary is an awakened public, many actions taken by us against political corruption, and many genuine representatives from among our midst sweeping the crooks out of office and replacing them, so our voice counts again.

And here is what Bernie told his delegates after his HRC endorsement (which could well have been just another sly chess move needed in politics):

“I worked as hard as I could, with your help, to win this thing, to become president of the United States, because we need a progressive president to help transform this country. But from day one, and you all heard me say this a million times, this campaign, this election, was not just about me and not just about electing a candidate to be president. It was about creating a political revolution. It was about bringing millions of people together to reclaim this country from the millionaires and billionaires who now control it. And that is what this campaign was about from day one. Now, what does this mean in terms of where we are right now? It means that in the coming weeks I will be announcing the creation of successor organizations to our presidential campaign to advance the struggle that we have been part of for the past 15 months. In other words, I think it would be just horrific and an outrage if we allowed the energy that we created and the movement that we built to simply whither on the roadside. [It will be those organizations’ goal] to advance the progressive agenda we believe in and elect like-minded candidates – progressives – at every level of government, federal, state, and local, who are committed to our goals. ”

If Bernie pulls this off and these organizations grow as big as his campaign was – if we help grow them this big, that is – there is little the oligarchs will be able to do to stop us from reclaiming our country (and claiming it for some of us for the first time). I have previously written about Represent.Us and Brand New Congress, as well as (which is the starting seed of Bernie’s successor organizations, most especially his just unveiled “Our Revolution”). These are the most promising avenues currently known to me for empowering us to advance our cause. It is up to us not to let the fire in us die as the war for our country, our lives, and future moves into its next phase. Check out these three links, take heart again, and get involved.

Now, there are additional possibilities of what this week’s move could mean. Politics makes strange bed-fellows and is really very often like chess. Remember me hinting at the possibility of a sly chess move above? Imagine perhaps this possibility: I have heard rumors that Elisabeth Warren, despite her recent endorsement, won’t be Hillary’s running mate. Maybe, just maybe, Bernie has twisted the DNC’s and Hillary camp’s arms just enough for him to become the running mate. [OK, pick yourself off the floor and start breathing again! I am not finished.] — This very idea has been a nightmare to many of us: the thought that, like Warren, Bernie might succumb to the Dark Side. And perhaps he would. FDR, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington were far from being perfect people beyond criticism, and some of their choices looked bad in hindsight – possibly even to them. Some were downright gruesome. Some were perhaps forced by circumstance, or so these historic figures thought. Anyway, Bernie has fought so hard for a progressive platform for the Democratic Party and Hillary’s campaign, he might – if given the chance – join the ticket as VP to (A) prevent another mass-murdering GW-Cheney presidency or worse at a time when we still have banana republic laws on the books which neutralize the Bill of Rights and allow for our top brass to simply disappear people, and (B) act as watchdog over the new progressive platform, threatening to withdraw his support or resign his post and expose the dishonesty of a Democratic Party and President HRC who betray their promises to us. It’s a weird possibility, but perhaps not an altogether bad one. The other side may even have forced his move by bringing Warren into the game to supplant him as their progressive trump card. Oh chess, what a mess! Or maybe poker is a better analogy? In any case, if Bernie’s latest move and his next moves I just speculated about might bring success to Bernie’s attempt of making the Democratic Party a people’s party again (as it once was until about a quarter century ago), this would be a huge victory for us the people. If this fails, Bernie may at least come out having created a Dem equivalent of the “Tea Party” to hold the Democratic Party to its traditional core values which were those of a people’s party. And then there’s the possibility that Hillary’s security clearance may be revoked (how could she become president this way?) or that she and Bill may be exposed and even prosecuted for the alleged (and to me plausible) racketeering you may have heard about. That would leave the Democratic Party with Bernie who has been so magnanimous to Hillary and her followers. And here is yet another consideration: It could even be that the uproar among us and the consequential threat of a mass exodus from the Dems as a result of Bernie’s HRC endorsement is part of Bernie’s strategy (in this case to convince the super delegates that Hillary has no chance in the general election). This could be too weird since it hurts his own credibility with some of us, but it would totally explain the timing shortly before the convention(!). Is your head swimming yet from the convoluted moves in the game of political chess (or poker, or chess-poker) in which Bernie is surely doing what he thinks he must in order to fight the establishment for the American people’s interests? No easy thing even for an old fox like Bernie to divine the best move at every turn. Harder still for us to second-guess him. Anyway, at this point, these are all wild speculations. But should any of this come to pass, maybe you heard it here first. 😉

In the meantime, let us all focus on what we can and must do: Keep the political revolution alive. Avoid the trap of confusing our cause with people worship. Remain steadfast and active. Become, find, and support many champions as a single one will never be enough. The three links I gave you above make at least for a good start and may be all we need to keep going. For the people! For us!

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