The Revolution Continues — With Or Without Bernie — Probably With

The movement for fair elections, economy, society, and healthcare was always going to continue with or without Bernie (as long as too many people didn’t give up too early). No-one can stay around forever, after all.

Still, the very fact that Bernie all but conceded his own presidential nomination race last Tuesday in order to further nail down the goals of the Political Revolution (in fact putting Hillary on the spot for it), and the fact that he is moving forward with his campaign’s successor organizations whose purpose it is to pass the momentum of his campaign to a continuation of this people’s movement; it all means that, his health or other powerful circumstances not withstanding, he will be with the revolution for some time still to come — as will others, only some of whom we have yet seen. Some of whom we ourselves may become. Bernie kindled something wonderful.

And for those who are losing heart too soon: The lesson of all revolutions is: It’s up to us. Additionally, all major struggles come across heart-wrenching crossroads and defeats. It’s the long haul which counts. Take heart again, and continue the fight. We are not done, yet. When we’re done, you will know. When we’re done, you won’t be looking around at nothing but wreckage and a few distant palaces and private jets on the hazy horizon, but at a world that’s livable for all of us, beautiful and sustainable. And you’ll be running in a treadmill from your cradle to the grave no more. And in many parks there will be statues of an old man with a wild shock of hair.

Note: Also don’t discount the sly tactics someone like Bernie may use in political arm wrestling…


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