The Deed is Done: The DNC bosses have elected Trump for President


… by last night bypassing the much stronger candidate Bernie Sanders, a widely beloved gentleman of staunch principle and popular values who has so much more public support, … in order to install a presidential candidate with slim and sinking chances, but who is one of their own – just another corporate plant: Hillary Pay-to-Play Clinton who violated national security and is suspected of having done huge arms deals with murderous foreign regimens in exchange for big donations to the Clinton foundation and hefty speaking fees, who indeed has become a multi-millionaire while in public office (!!!), and whose chance of beating the GOP’s Trump in November is already rated as slim in national polls and probably dropping further in the months to come.

As the DNC full well knew, many who supported Sanders will never vote for her. (!!!) The reverse would have been true for Hillary Democrats. Because of this action, and ONLY because of this action, Trump now stands a good chance to be elected. It may even be certain. It shows just how beholden most Democratic Party operatives really are to the moneyed interests. It also shows us that we must never again support those types. The revolution is on!

There, then, goes the Democratic presidency. And, in addition, we have just watched the suicide attempt of a political party.

The Democratic Party has been dying on the vine for years due to its GOP-like corruption in the upper ranks, and has just given itself the death blow (lest Bernie’s attempt of forcing this party back to its core values still somehow succeeds). Last night’s nomination followed a stacked and rigged nomination process that disenfranchised and outraged millions of American voters, and – to even further flip off the American people and many among the party’s own membership – it followed just after Hillary had publicly embraced and paid off (with a cozy “honorary chair” position on her campaign) the DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz who had been working on the inside to get Clinton the nomination, and who had been forced to resign due to public outrage this week after Wikileaks exposed party emails hinting at some of the secret machinations within the “Democratic” Party against Sanders’ campaign as a Democratic candidate.

Many Independents who only joined the whithering party this year because Sanders gave them hope this party would return to its core values (of working for the people), and who in return have been mocked and thwarted will now leave. A similar exodus may occur from within the Democratic Party’s own base who were likewise cheated by a rigged nomination contest as they are coming to the realization that this isn’t their party any more and has nothing to do with democracy written with a lowercase “d”.

As delegate – and grandmother – Portia Boulger, featured a day earlier in a viral video viewed by millions, explained in a follow-up interview embedded below, The Republican Party was taken over by Big Money when those who are now old were still young, and the Democratic Party – which started following suit some 30 years ago – has now come to this. We, the people, no longer have among the Two Party Tyranny a political party which represents us, but millions among us have awoken this year and will continue to fight the advancing corruption.

As one of Bernie’s supporters said: “We are not for the right or the left. We are for the bottom and we are coming for the top.”

This line might be the best motto for the political revolution of 2016 which has only just begun and which, as of this week, has even more grounds now for just outrage and the energy and determination such outrage brings.

More will follow on this blog about the consequences of the Dem bosses’ (and their remaining party lemmings’) coup. There will also be at least one testimonial. So, keep coming back or better, yet, sign up for email notifications.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Portia Boulger, Featured in Viral Video Viewed by Millions, Explains her Anger at DNC”)

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