Come the Revolution – But by Whom?

The American twin-party tyranny has clearly sold us (the American people) out to the super-rich and their corporations. We the people need to join forces across traditional party lines to wrest the power from the oligarchs and establish a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. In this regard, here is a salient passage I came across:

The presidential election is being framed as a choice between two views of America. America, the diminished great power seeking to reassert itself or America, the well-meaning work-in-progress. There is a third choice. America, a relentless democratic experiment where the people, not the parties, reimagine the way we do politics, handle social conflict, and determine our future.

The country is ready for “Our Revolution.” But it must be ours. It cannot belong to a party or an ideology. It cannot be exclusionary or narrow. It must bridge the partisan divide, not add to it. It must involve the American people in answering the question, “how do we do this?” That’s the revolution we need.

Source of the quote: Bernie, you say you want a revolution, but whose?

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