“For members only” American Politics

Closed primaries are one of the most damaging aspects of a regulatory scheme that breeds civic apathy. “For members only” is the principle on which these taxpayer-funded primaries operate — as if they were club elections whose outcomes mattered to members only, and not to all American citizens.

In 2016, we witnessed the most popular candidate for president rolled into s ditch by a stacked and rigged primary process. Closed primaries – which in theory would be quite legit, if our twin party tyranny didn’t block the path for other candidates and parties – probably were completely sufficient all by themselves to lead to this result desired by the establishment but not the American people. The article quoted above makes a point that closed primaries (especially when they are paid by all tax payers, not only the ones allowed to vote) are highly undemocratic, a poisoning of the democratic well worse, in some aspects, than what he lived through in the defunct Soviet Union decades ago. Here is another salient quote:

We would be well-advised to learn from the past mistakes of parties, where civic life was replaced with a party line, lest we suffer similar consequences. As for closed primaries, I say, open them up!

This valid warning doesn’t, of course, apply only to the exclusionary process of closed primaries but also the ludicrous idea of “party unity”, say as in lining up behind a nominee who just stole the nomination from the only valid candidate of, by, and for the people.

Here is the full IVN article from which I quoted: Closed Primaries are Less Inclusive than Soviet Era Politics

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