The Public Option Warmed Up – Scamming Against True Public Healthcare

This lady who knows more than I about the issue, says the Public Option now toted to fix our privateering healthcare system is just another scam to prevent the real solution:

We need National Medicare for all, and Margaret Flowers seems to be saying the Public Option is not that. Single Payer would be. The difference? I end with links which may explain it well. So…

See also:  Obamacare: The Biggest Insurance Scam in History

And:  Physicians for a National Health Program

P.S.: I have just made the time to read over the Obamacare article cited above. It is very, very worth reading not just to answer the question of why the Public Option is a scam rather than a backdoor entrance to real universal healthcare. As I said, you should read the article yourself for a number of good reasons (such as seeing how the American public gets conned by the corporations and establishment politicians), but here is the part on the public option:

Many were convinced that a public option would become a Medicare-for-all system, that it was a “back door” to single payer. They were told that going straight to a single-payer health care system would be too difficult and that the public option was a first step. Health Care for America Now organized grass-roots groups to put their energy into fighting for a public option, and many responded.

There was real animosity directed toward those who pointed out that from a policy standpoint a public option made no sense. It was simply adding another insurance plan to an already-complex and expensive system of hundreds of insurances and that, as had occurred time and again at the state level, it would attract those with the greatest health needs and as a result would ultimately fail because of high costs.

What most people did not understand at that point was that the public option was not only a non-solution to the health care crisis but that it was not even destined to be in the final legislation. Senator Max Baucus reported in March 2009 that it was a “bargaining chip” to get health insurers to accept regulations. Glenn Greenwald exposed this more fully when the Democratic leadership in the Senate actively worked to keep the public option from being included in the Senate health bill. The public option was just part of the con.

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