He Told us Not to Listen to Him

by Kathleen Lake, retired mental health professional and veteran

So, we recently had the first big debate between two evils. The DNC is dragging Bernie around the country like a zoological exhibit to get us to vote for a terrible candidate. They threaten and extort us with the insipid racist bogeyman Trump and tell us to trust them.

Friday before the debate, Jane retweeted Bernie’s statement that we were not to listen to him if he told us who to vote for. Brave woman that Jane. FLOTUS material. So this is why I will not be voting for Clinton.

The DNC betrayed democratic voters with massive and verifiable elections fraud and nationwide voter suppression. They purged any registered democrat they felt they couldn’t control (anyone too new, too young or too brown to be manipulated). Further, they used superdelegates to nullify the votes of those dems who they “allowed” to vote who did not vote the way they wanted us to (which is why they have superdelegates).

The DNC AND the Clinton campaign colluded to destroy a great man running an inspirational clean money campaign… by any means necessary. I have come to believe they would kill him and Jane if they thought they could get away with it without succumbing themselves to friendly fire. They have failed us miserably as a political party and are led by morally bankrupt human beings.

I have never voted for ANYONE who wasn’t a democrat in my entire adult life (I’m 65). The DNC is slimy, disgusting, has perverted every decent thing in the Democratic Party, and has made every Democrat Politician now suspect. People who have worked their whole lives for Democratic principles (when we used to have them) now have to convince voters that they are not contaminated with Clinton/Wasserman swill.

Why our Democrat politicians (those who have retained any moral compass under Wasserman’s regime, that is) aren’t burning Clinton in effigy… I cannot understand. What do they stand for if they don’t stand for the people who elected them? I suspect I know.

Dump this awful candidate while we still have any hope of retaining the Oval Office. Sanders might not be willing to kowtow to corporations, foreign governments and the ultra rich… but at least he would crush to dust the hopes of every racist xenophobe, restore some dignity, credibility, and decency to the DNC, and some hope to our people.

We told the DNC over a year ago that Clinton was not acceptable. We told them why. We gave them evidence of her corruption and neolib/neocon agenda and her ownership by foreign governments. They completely ignored us and trotted out this terrible candidate with all the bunting and balloons they could muster. They bribed, blackmailed, coerced, and threatened our politicians. But they got caught.

We Americans may be a bit slow to get it sometimes… and maybe a little lazy… but we do not like being played. Neolib and Neocon corporatists are the walking dead ready to infect every part of this country, our lives, and our future. They are about to get staked in the head in November because there is apparently no cure for their self serving sickness.

So no… we won’t be voting for a racist baby man OR a sociopathic congenital liar. We don’t want a president owned by corporations and foreign governments. So lead, follow, or get off the dance floor.

But, thanks for reminding us Jane. Stay safe. We know what Clinton and the DNC are trying to do to you and Bernie, and we aren’t buying it for a second. We will be voting our conscience and will not negotiate with criminals attempting to extort us.


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