Great Interview with Jesse Ventura


  • On both, the right and the left, most of us want clean and fair elections.
  • Our political system is corrupt. Anybody who’s been as long in this as the Clintons must be comfortable with it.
  • We stem from a revolutionary war that was supposed to free us from rulig dynasties, and now we kowtow to the Bushes, the Clintons…?
  • Corruption:
    • the corrupted (politicians in on the take), example: Hillary Clinton
    • the corrupters (those who bribe the officials), example: Donald Trump
  • To qualify for the election debates, the condition should be: are you on the ballot in enough states so that you could win; not the arbitrary and unattainable 15% polling status.
  • The two-party dictatorship.
  • We need either public-only campaign financing or full disclosure by candidates of who gave them how much money.
  • All opponents of the Iraq war were censored out of the mainstream media.
  • We have to fight the establishment. The right has to come together with the left. The Bernie people have to unite with the original Trump people and clean out Washington. … We have the power: Stop electing Democrats and Republicans!
  • Medical marihuana is the issue with which to show the government that it works for us, not we for it. (reasoning: because it is an amazing medicine, cheap, not controlled by big pharma, and the majority of Americans support its legal use)

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