Inside Everybody’s Heads


What might we find if we could insert a mind probe into everybody’s mind this election year?

Let’s imagine it. This could be fun…

The Twin-Party Tyranny (Republican and “Democratic” Party): “Why care about the voters when we can simply rig the elections. Let’s only worry about keeping our billionaire funders happy. Let’s give the American people a show, let them think they have a vote. We know who we will install.”

Democrat partisans: “The Republicans have been so horrible, so socially irresponsible. Therefore I have fought in the Democrat camp for ages. And I have long wished for a female president! I don’t want to learn now how corrupt the Clintons really are! I’ll look the other way when we rig elections like Republicans now. I don’t want to find out now that I was wrong all this time! … Oh, and don’t forget: Trump is the resurrection of Hitler! That justifies everything. MY team to the fore!”

Republican partisans: “The GOP has been my comfort for ages, defender of the faith, protector of the realm… Jesus upon everybody, by force if necessary, and hands off MY stuff, no welfare or sympathy for anyone who’s not in my family! It’s my stuff! You hear me?!? Miiine, all mine! And MY Jesus! Get off my land, everybody! And these Democrats are such free-thinking, free-sexing, immoral communists! … And us rigging elections? Bull! Evil Democrat corpses leaving their graves and showing up to vote tilt the elections; everybody knows that! God, I don’t like this unruly Trump guy, but I hate that witch Hillary more! MY team to the fore!”

Motto of the Corporate Media: A Little Bit of Fact and a Lot of Fiction

The corporate media ‘journalists’: “The six corporations that own us give us our marching orders and script our ‘news’. They pay us, so it’s OUR JOB to defend the Corporate State. … We’re innocent… We’re just doing OUR JOB… Besides, corporatist America isn’t all that bad – look at my fat salary for example!”

Hillary: “It’s the fight of… and for… my life! If I don’t hold on to my power, the other mafiosis will kill me!”

Trump: “Oh, I’ll look so fiiine in the Oval Office.”

The super rich: “Oh those unwashed masses, our two-legged cattle stampeding… Tsk, tsk. We must pen them in more firmly!”

The upper-middle class: “In my circles everybody’s fine. So, EVERYBODY is fine. The system is working for EVERYBODY. So, let’s keep it rigged.”

The lower-middle class: “Crap, we’re sinking! The quicksand is sucking us in! Who to turn to for help? … Maybe Trump! He’s on my Republican side… Maybe Hillary! She’s on my Democrat side… What others? There are others? I didn’t know. Never heard of them. I’ve been asleep in my middle class comfort for so long…”

The working (and also the under- or unemployed) poor: “How much longer can we hold on for dear life? HELP! Trump, kick out the Latinos – I can’t have more competition for jobs and food stamps! … Hillary, make the long lost Democratic core values come true! … What, you’re a corrupt neo-liberal, Hillary? Let’s hope that’s not true! I’ll vote for you and hope for the best despite all evidence you won’t help me… Oh, wait, maybe there are others! There was Bernie Sanders. He felt our pain. Now they rolled him into the ditch, though… Jill Stein? Maybe… but can she ever win? Isn’t democracy that I must vote for the projected winner?”

Disappointed Bernie supporters, Type A: “You stole our hearts in winter and spring, Bernie. Then, in summer, you broke them. I’ve had it with politics!”

Disappointed Bernie supporters, Type B: “You’re the only one who felt our pain, Bernie. I’ll write you in!”

Disappointed Bernie supporters, Type C: “You were our man, Bernie. Now the DNC thwarted you and us, I’ll vote for Trump or that libertarian guy out of protest!”

Disappointed Bernie supporters, Type D: “I wanted you, Bernie, but I’ll go with your story now that Hillary is less of a catastrophe than Trump…”

Disappointed Bernie supporters, Type E: “We’re the only ones who finally are getting it. We can’t beat the corrupt establishment which is killing us by supporting it and voting for its candidates! Duh! It’s Jill Stein for President and “berniecrats” for all other offices. Now and forever! … Oh, and haven’t I heard about ballot initiatives to get money out of politics? No more ‘come the revolution’. We will be the revolution!”

This is what my mind reading app found. The list is obviously incomplete. You are very welcome to add your own speculations in the comments…

2 thoughts on “Inside Everybody’s Heads

  1. The reality: Trump or Hillary are likely both billionaire-system-favoring moguls and despite their seeming differences are twin sides of the same evil coin.


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