We Want to Vote for Someone Who Is Not A Crook – And We Can!


All of us are sick of the rigged system, the corruption in high places, and the two corrupt main party candidates for president. It’s not surprising why: All prosperity flows to the top. Every year things get worse. More and more of us eek our way through life from the cradle to the grave without any hope. And just take a look at those main party candidates:

  1. Trump: Abusing his workers, offshoring his jobs, defrauding his students, firing up racism, and – according to Newsweek – he is a lifelong bully and unsuccessful businessman who even tormented his rental tenants and engaged in countless vindictive lawsuits…
  2. Hillary: Pay-to-play for Saudis, Wall Street, and the big banks; fixing the primaries; weaving a corrupt web of absolute oligarchic power co-opting practically everyone in government; involved in creating ISIS, working towards a war with Russia (the second nuclear power on Earth!)…

… to name just a few of their “accomplishments.

There is ONE presidential candidate left in the race who ISN’T taking money from billionaires, corporations, and super-PACs. ONE candidate with the needs of the people as her agenda. ONE candidate aiming high for a much better world rather than continuation of our downward spiral: Jill Stein

And if all of us who can’t stand the main party’s corruption anymore would vote for her this Tuesday, she’d be president in a landslide, and the White House would be ours again.

If we all would also put our own champions into Congress (instead of the establishment’s operatives) this Tuesday, then our nightmare would quite possibly be over in a heartbeat — like when you wake up from one and the sun is shining.

So what about all the lazies who still haven’t heard about Jill Stein and the other great champion candidates? Or the cowards who insist on voting for the main-party candidates for fear their vote might not go to the winner or because they are hysterical about the main party opponent not realizing that both main parties and their candidates are the two sides of the same coin? Well, they can prevent a Stein presidency this year through their irresponsibility; but we who have courage and vision and won’t tolerate the heinous corruption anymore, we can still build the momentum of change: first to make the main parties shake in their boots, then to get our candidates known by everybody by the next election despite the lamestream media blackout, and finally to force our doomed ship to turn around.

You can stand on the sidelines (not voting or giving your vote away to the establishment crooks); or you can be part of the second American Revolution. Which will it be?

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