Battleground U.S.A.: 88%


Voting “down-ballot” is more important than ever.


  1. To overcome the army of 40,000 soulless lobbyists, taking over congress is paramount but only step one.
  2. There are also ballot initiatives if our fake representatives are blocking the fight against their corruption.
  3. However, the lobbyists are now also coming after the ballot initiatives ([1][2]), making their content the opposite of their title or naming them confusingly, ugh!
  4. So, our only chance is to stamp out the corrupt spirit which pervades our government: sweep them all out of office. Everywhere: local, state, and federal. Then invoke the harshest penalties for any corruption.

Only then might we save ourselves in this eleventh hour.

Eighty-eight percent of Congress is up for re-election this Tuesday. So pick NON-establishment candidates with honorable platforms. This list might help. Good luck!

And afterwards, you may want to inform yourself about what else you can do.

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