We are Despicable

The above video demonstrates not only how bad our corrupt system is but how bad WE are. When you watch news like these we need to realize that it is high time we reform ourselves. Especially our young need to have this awakening, so they can change to make a difference while there is still time.

It might be best if the young folks learned quick and early what the older folks have been so slow to learn (and many haven’t even yet learned): that we are all being played. All these misogyny memes, the racism, the undocumented immigrant witch hunt, the political party line dividing an electorate right down the middle between two equally corrupt and corporatist parties, is all manipulation from the top to keep us from using the power we have as the people who keep this country running and who implement the horrible decisions made by the oligarchs.

Think about it: How many of us would approve of building an oil pipeline through Indian burial grounds, through farms in a chain of states, and through watersheds it will leak into – all just to somewhat more enrich some filthy rich billionaire who makes his profits from selling oil gained through environmentally disastrous fracking which poisons ground water and causes earthquakes and sink holes that swallow people’s homes, the oil itself contributing to global warming when it is burned for energy which is ready to be had from wind and sun instead wherever we live. And, yet, it’s not the billionaire who is doing the fracking and selling and building of the pipeline or committing the atrocities against the women of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. It is people “doing their jobs” in a corrupt system we, yes WE, keep running at the behest of those nefarious overlords who have not a shred of sympathy or responsibility. This “we” includes the young folks, or soon will.

Wake up, young folks. I fear that your generation lives in the 11th hour of America and humanity. You better stop getting played, individually refuse to play along, and together organize for a socially just and sustainable world before it is forever too late.

(Note: if the video to which this article links gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Female Water Protectors BRUTALIZED By Oil Police”)


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