Buyer Beware: Example of Lobbyists Subverting Ballot-Initiatives

As I mentioned in “Battleground U.S.A.: 88%”, even our ballot-initiatives (originally implemented to empower the people over party bosses) are now being subverted by the 40,000 lobbyist army. Here is an example:

Sorry, I didn’t see this on November 8 when it came out. I was buried under work. A clear sign I can’t do it all alone. Hence my invitation to you to join me working on this blog.

Anyway, a way to fight back would be better public coverage on the ballot-initiatives coming our way. We can’t rely on the corporatist mass media. So we will have to do it ourselves. It’s time for dependable alternative media (like TYT) and a growing anti-corruption league, Organize America movement, respectively American People’s Coalition such as I recommended a while ago. The name is irrelevant, as long as it brings us together, informs us, and lets us act in unison regardless of party lines. In addition, we must attack on a very broad front to overwhelm the defenses of the corporate state’s corruption.

(Note: if the video to which this article links gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Corporations Use Democracy To Kill Their Competition | Election Day Coverage 2016”)

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