Thanksgiving, What Thanksgiving?


I’ve long found the placement of our big national elections right between Halloween and Thanksgiving quite ironic.

First we open up with a show of monsters. Then we vote for some of them. And finally, we are given a little time off from our drudgery to be thankful for it all.

Well, I sure am thankful for a little time to meet family or friends, a brief moment to catch my breath and glimpse real life. All too soon I must dive back into the treadmill of my working life.

So… … … thanks?

Every time, I didn’t feel thankful for the election charade we had just gone through, knowing full well that the parasites of our so-called elite were still in power, making their millions and billions in their sleep while you and I work for them involuntarily and are ignored in our needs and wishes by our government which has long stopped being of the people, by the people, and for the people, if indeed it ever was.

Government of the people, by the people, and for the people is supposed to be an instrument through which we – the people – can defend ourselves against feudal lords and robber billionaires and make sure that we have a country, laws, and economy which work for all of us.

We don’t have that when 40,000 lobbyists, in the pay of the robber billionaires, bribe and compel our representatives in government to do their paymaster’s bidding and ignore every one of our needs and wishes. We furthermore don’t have a democracy when, through their six media corporations, the robber billionaires manipulate our knowledge and our thinking into believing we just won a political victory when – once in a while – the wishes of the billionaires run along our own wishes, or when they have messed enough with our heads that we actually start wanting what they want us to want.

An example for the latter would be profiteering wars allegedly waged against terrorism or weapons of mass destruction. Another example would be those false narratives of predatory, corporate capitalism just being an expression of personal liberty and responsibility: the rich being free to rob us, and we being blamed for our growing poverty. Another example is the painting of those who make most of their riches in their sleep while, during their “working hours”, they are offshoring or automating away our jobs, cutting our healthcare and retirement benefits, or denying us fair pay for hard work, as “job creators”. What a joke! In reality, consumer needs and business opportunities create jobs. The robber billionaires and their giant corporations actively limit business opportunities for the rest of us to keep all the money that’s there to be made for themselves. Hence the decline of small businesses which do create jobs. Or take the narrative of private property: Of course, we all agree with the concept. We all wish to own our own clothes and other personal accessories. We’d love to own our own homes. But shouldn’t we draw a line when it comes to land, forests, water, minerals, and the air? Why was I born owning no land, copper mine, or oil well — while others were? Why must I, my whole life, pay rent and overhead to those who were?

Is this justice? They should pay rent to me (and you) for making money for themselves by using what rightfully belongs to all of us.

And if those who were born “owning” these parts of OUR planet which WE must rent from THEM, act irresponsibly, destroying our communities, environment, and biosphere – even our climate – why can I still not have a voice in these decisions which are bringing death and destruction to me, my friends and family, my neighbors, my fellow citizens, all human beings, and many plants and animals on Earth?

The man-made system in which we currently live is downright wrong and deadly. I can’t be thankful for that.

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