A Real Clear Analysis of our World Crisis, American Turmoil, and Trump’s Election

This is a very deep and coolheaded analysis people on many sides of the political spectrum may appreciate.

(Note: if the video to which this article links gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Global Empire: The Trump Effect”)

Summary of Tariq Ali’s November 9, 2016, speech linked to above (mostly taken word for word):

The conditions of everyday life for working people, the poor and others, are such that they are becoming completely alienated from the system. Racism and misogyny have always existed in the U.S., but it doesn’t explain on its own how layers of the population, incl. large numbers of white workers who voted for Obama, refused to vote for Clinton.

Misogyny? To a certain extent possible, but much, much deeper than that was a failure of Clinton to relate to this particular social layer. There is no question, the Democratic Party needs to do a much better job of reaching out to those voters who once used to be reliably democratic.

Living in a bubble, in a world in which they are not used to dealing with real dissent, led party leaders to a situation where they believed that by sheer propaganda they would win the election. There is a cancer at the heart of modern liberalism, since its birth in the nineties, namely this particular form of capitalism under which we live, and which is referred to as neoliberalism, and which is concerned with making profits with no regard at all for people who are less well off. And so the party leaders and their business counterparts imagine, living inside a bubble, cocooned from reality, that they can get away with it endlessly. Trump’s election reveals that you can’t get away with it all the time.

All the sabotage the DNC and corporate media carried out against Bernie Sanders’ campaign backfired. Every single opinion poll was showing that if Sanders had been the candidate of the Democratic Party, he would have won. A Bernie Sanders – Elizabeth Warren ticket would have been extremely strong.

This notion that Trump somehow represents an unprecedented danger is wrong. We have had such presidents before. The American Empire has been dangerous before, mostly to the rest of the world, especially its neighbors in South America, but equally – to a certain extent – to its own working people who have been violently crushed and repressed before. So, this notion that Trump is somehow much worse than everything that has happened before, doesn’t ring true. Building him up into this ogre and demon doesn’t serve anyone. It prevents people from understanding the real problems that lie at the heart of the U.S. and Europe.

Trump’s victory is a huge defeat of the liberal establishment and the old way of doing politics. The Democrats blew it themselves by insisting that the only possible candidate they had was Hillary Clinton. Obama’s presidency was psychologically useful by breaking the jinx that a non-white president could never happen. But in terms of politics, Obama has been a disaster. He bailed out the banks, and his healthcare reform was deeply flawed, not really helping especially poor people. He further arrogated to himself the right (which later presidents are not likely to give up) of a to order the execution of American citizens without any trial.

DNC, don’t blame the mirror if your own face is ugly. We need a third party which offers a real alternative, especially if the Democratic Party concludes it should have been even more supportive of Hillary Clinton rather than return to the side of the working class. We must snap out of our Tweedledee Tweedledum mode bemoaning this election loss and that election loss rather than working on real solutions.

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