DAPL Pipeline Being Brutally Pushed through Native American Land and Water Supply because a White Town Didn’T Want it to Threaten ITS Water Supply

If you have learned to overcome the corporate media blackout on the real news, you are probably aware of the brutality by police and private “security” firms used to force a totally unnecessary pipeline through Native American land and the thousands of volunteers trying to stop it.

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe to which the land belongs, is not only dismayed that its burial grounds are being savaged, but its members worry about their water supply and the water supply of millions of other people. They are calling themselves water protectors, because of this mission.

In light of this, I find it quite ironic that this pipeline was rerouted through these Native American lands precisely after the white town of Bismarck voiced concerns for ITS water supply regarding the originally planned routing of this pipeline close to it.

Source: The Bismarck Tribune


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