The Misplaced Right-Wing Celebrations of the 2016 Election

These days, some right-wing (or deceived “conservative”) triumphalists euphorically deride progressives while mistaking them for “Democratic” Party “liberals.” They concoct outlandish theories like that “progressivism failed the Democratic Party.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Progressivism didn’t fail the Democratic Party. The “Democratic” Party failed progressivism. It did so not just as recently as in this year’s election, but all the way back when the party was strong and on the side of working Americans decades ago but was then ruined by the party bosses who fell to the bribes from corporate lobbyists, from then on selling their new treacherous schemes as “neoliberalism” – a prettily painted form of corporatism which is still referred to by lazy opponents as “liberalism”. Conflating “liberalism” with progressivism is a clear misunderstanding of who “progressives” are and what they want. “Progressives” are people who want a fair and decent America for ever citizen. They want a socio-economic system which isn’t rigged against the citizenry from the top. In this, they share the same concerns as plague most Donald Trump supporters, differing only in that they look for real solutions rather than being satisfied with placing blame on impotent minorities or falling for empty bravado from a skilled conman.

To those who truly want change for the better, I recommend not to confuse “progressives” with those blind identity voters or fig-leaf-wearing privileged folks who call themselves “liberals.” By lumping progressives in with those sanctimonious but unhelpful “liberals”, a large and growing portion of the people is marginalized and excluded from the brewing political movement which all of us who want a fair America should join. If all working people stuck together, we could surely overthrow the elite’s machine. Once we do, we will.

As for HRC beating Bernie Sanders in the primaries – another one of those triumphalists’ canards – how can anyone ignore that most independents were never allowed to vote in the “Democratic” primaries? How can one ignore the massive voter purges and undeniable signs of deliberate vote miscounts? Those primaries were akin to a football game where half the players on one team are barred access to the field and the referees and sports reporters have been bought off to hush it all up and celebrate an unfair and even fictitious victory of the cheating team. Cheating isn’t winning. Those who solidify the big lie that Clinton won the primaries, do a grave disservice to our nation which desperately needs fair elections and valid candidate choices.

Instead of deriding people who strive for a fair America and would make natural allies to many (if not most) Trump supporters, I would advise all working people to work together against the “elites” (a term I have never liked, because true elites are people of merit not crooks and goons of wealthy birth — let’s call them oligarchs or robber billionaires instead).

Right-wingers also accuse progressives of falsely demonizing Trump as the new Hitler. I rather think that few progressives are calling Trump “Hitler”. It’s those “liberal” “Democratic” Party lemmings and media allies who do. These right-wingers probably never hear what progressives have to say, because the corporate media continue to black progressive voices out, just like they blacked out Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein during most of their campaigns. People who attribute the “liberal” media crap to progressives are not only misrepresenting progressives, but doing our nation a disservice. In reality, there were progressives who voted for Trump! No-one who is a true and clear-headed progressive (at least in my book) voted for Shillary. Only some confused or fence-sitting ones did, a group which would include those on whom the “liberal” scare tactics and gaslighting worked. A lot chose not to vote at all, because all real presidential choices had been taken from them. Those were the less awakened ones, of course, like people yet too young to understand the importance of down-ballot tickets. The “Democratic” party has lost many if not most of its progressive members and voters, as they no longer believe it will ever represent them despite having represented working Americans so many decades ago. There is a huge section of the electorate searching for a party that will represent them.

Right-wing triumphalists also celebrate a “new wave of conservatism.” Sorry if I am bursting another bubble here, but we have no “new wave of conservatism.” Our corporatist (a.k.a. fascist) system continues undiminished. Both main parties work for it. Their “liberal” and “conservative” flavors are mere window dressing.

In conclusion, there is little to celebrate on either side of the traditional party divide. The only positive of this election is that a sizable portion of the American people finally woke up to the corruption of both major parties. This starting force of a people’s movement must yet find, take over, cultivate, or create a formidable political party and organize in other ways to awaken more fellow Americans and form a political force which can clean house.

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