USA – An Oil Company with an Army

Trump has tapped Exxon CEO as his Secretary of State. It’s like an admission that the U.S. is just a big oil company with an army (an army it uses to force foreign oil, gas, and pipeline deals). This is what Chris Hedges tells us about the final throws of empire: pulling out all the stops of the looting and dropping all pretense of doing good.

Other recent news (maybe more easily overlooked):

  1. Both, the Clinton and Trump campaign, broke the law directly coordinating with super-PACs. The reason this is illegal in a nation where bribing politicians via “lobbyists” is fully legalized and corporations have been given citizen rights, is that presidential campaigns are required to disclose the donations they receive, but super-PACs are not. So, super-PACs can act as middle-men to hide problematic funding, say by foreign powers.
  2. Obama has expanded our foreign wars into Somalia. The reason: oil, of course.
  3. The DAPL company (Energy Transfer Partners) will lose contractual commitments from its oil shippers if the pipeline isn’t operational by January 1.
  4. Our fake reps in Congress are moving to censor the Internet to deprive us of free speech (a.k.a. “fake news”).

This clip from the Jimmy Dore Show on Trump’s tapping of a Big Oil CEO might be to your liking:

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