Urgent: The Fight Against Political Corruption is Heating Up – You Can Join!

On November 8, 2016, voters in South Dakota passed the first-ever statewide Anti-Corruption Act via ballot initiative. A great triumph for democracy! The initiative was led by Represent.Us volunteers and members. You can read more about this story here: How 600,000 People Broke Big Money’s Grip On Power

I have previously pointed to Represent.Us as one of the tools that we, the people, can use to fight corruption in our politics. This organization has already had some successes, but – as was to be expected – the goons who pretend to be our elected representatives are already fighting back.

Represent.Us recently sent out a message that in South Dakota, only weeks since the ballot initiative, lawmakers and lobbyists are already working hard to dismantle and block the reforms that the people of their state demanded.

If we want to make South Dakota’s precedent stick and have a chance of spreading this insecticide across the nation, we might want to give Represent.Us the donation it is calling for to deal with this emergency. Here is the link if you wish to donate to the effort:

Help Represent.Us reach their goal of $12,000 by Tuesday, December 20th to make their Anti-Corruption Act stick.

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