Let’s make this blog BIG!

As the picture says:


Let’s build a smart political community.

We must fix a world which resembles a room full of people who together baked a pizza, and half of them have to fight over a paper-thin slice of it. We could simply improve fairness, then make a bigger pizza, and finally move on to tackle the universe’s unforgiving challenges like decrepitude and natural disasters. However, this won’t happen by itself.

This isn’t a “if-you-build-it-they-will-come” kind of world.

Refining and spreading ideas takes people!

Posts on social media come and go, disappearing into a void. Facebook groups come and go. Here we can try to build something more stable, which isn’t to say it would replace Facebook, Twitter, etc. We can all use a discussion blog on the web dedicated to creating a better world of, by, and for those who only together can be strong enough to make it happen.

So, if you have seen a good post here, please do any of the following:

Tell your friends. Subscribe. (on the right column) Leave comments. Submit your own post for consideration. (use the Contact Form)

You can use the picture used in this article and link from it to this blog. 😉


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