The Most Important Event of 2016

What’s YOUR most important event of 2016?

Mine is this:

Bernie Sanders introduced us to each other — millions of Americans who know that our system is rigged and will fight for democracy, economic and social justice, and sensible public policies.

And now that we know of each other, we really can fight.

This was accompanied by ever more blatant and severe election rigging against the presidential preference of the people, and later the payback of us NOT crowning Mrs. Entitled-to-the-Presidency, darling of Wall Street and Saudi-Arabia, graft queen Shillary Rot-Them Klingon, or whatever her best to forget name was. Let’s hope our next female candidate is a woman we could actually be proud of. Oh, yes, they do exist! Jill Stein, Tulsi Gabbard, Naomi Spencer, Kshama Sawant, and many more… We don’t have to settle for a she-devil.

Instead of this worst (rather than first) woman to put in the Oval Office, we got a dissembling billionaire showman (or conman?) for president who simply bought himself the presidency — thus proving beyond all doubt that we have become a plutocracy. But by then it made little difference, since in November we had no viable presidential options left on our ballots after the establishment had kicked Sanders to the curb and forced him (how, exactly?) to fall in line. Then again, nothing but false choices for candidates isn’t really anything new.[1][2]

There can be no doubt, American democracy is dead, and it’s up to us to revive it.

The years to come may be interesting.



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