There Was No Real Recount of 2016

One again, we have been had.

Jill Stein and the Green Party did us all a favor attempting to get us a recount of the 2016 presidential election in the three swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin where some Clintonites try to mislead us into thinking that Stein’s running for office shifted the victory from Clinton to Trump — a complete false logic which relies on the assumption that all who voted for Stein would have voted for Clinton otherwise – an utterly preposterous assumption.

Anyway, what became of the attempt?

I haven’t come across a full report yet, but some scouring of the Internet revealed some highlights:

  1. There were lots of obstacles. As a result, Michigan never completed its recount and Pennsylvania never even began one.
  2. Wisconsin allegedly did perform the recount, but emphasis should be on the word performance because only half of it’s “recount” was done by hand. The rest of the counties simply ran the paper ballots through their optical scanners a seconf time, merely repeating what they had done before, naturally with the same results as before. More importantly, these counties were the low-income ones, precisely where the most irregularities and failures occur. Jill Stein commented: “they simply fed the ballots into the same fallible and vulnerable machines. It’s like asking the same doctor for a second opinion or measuring with a bent ruler twice.”

Such bungled recounts clearly are pointless, and for sure this wasn’t what Stein and the Green Party had hoped they could get us: a real recount which might show up flaws in our vote count.

Naturally, whether we count per hand or machine isn’t the only issue, not necessarily even the biggest, since there are other ways by which our votes can be counted wrong. Things like voter suppression and vote tampering via ballot spoilage, which may – at this time – be the biggest one: an approach to tilt elections by strategically “losing” or voiding millions (yes, millions!!!) of our votes — with no explanation given at all, or – in other cases – under the pretext of fighting the essentially non-existent crime of voter fraud. If those votes remain gone or hidden in a recount, no recount will reveal this changing of the vote count! [1][2][3]

Since those dirty tricks keep people from voting, or else they simply disappear their ballots if they did get to vote, all those missing votes won’t show themselves in a simple recount. Proving these kinds of swindles requires a far bigger and deeper investigation such as one third party candidate can’t likely finance and push through in an election year when the establishment is on the mat in full force.

I suspect that, we, the people, need to use the time between election years to push for automatic sample recounts in every state (or, better yet, public – rather than secret – hand-counts of all our votes), as well as for full audits which fight voter suppression and vote tampering. In other words, this fight is best fought at times when the establishment may be less alert and less married to a particular outcome of a particular election.

A powerful quote in an article well worth reading (“The No-BS Inside Guide to the Presidential Vote Recount”) on said: “In Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – and all over America – there were a massive number of votes that were simply rejected, invalidated and spoiled; they were simply not counted. Officially, in a typical presidential election, at least three million votes end up rejected, often for picayune, absurd reasons.”

If you wish to dig a lot deeper, this site may be a useful home base for it.

This Tuesday, Jill Stein held a press conference speaking about the Wisconsin recount on the freezing steps of the state capitol, also hoping to help launch a Count My Vote Campaign:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Wisconsin vote recount ‘did not happen’ – Jill Stein”)


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