North Carolina: The Gloves Are Off – The Gang War is ON

The North Carolina General Assembly – being dissatisfied that a “Democratic” candidate inched out a narrow victory in the governor’s race – recently wrapped up a special session in which the Republicans who dominate both chambers (thanks to an outrageous level of gerrymandering) simply stripped the governor’s office of many of its customary powers, thus to render the people’s election of a new governor moot. An especially heinous bill involves the election system which from now on puts Republicans in charge of elections every election year, and “Democrats” in all the off years. The governor’s right to make appointments was likewise axed by 80% and now requires confirmation from this nest of vipers acting as a “legislature.”

Oh, ain’t it fun? What ever happened to the American foundational principle that all political power comes from the people? Just like the DNC spit in the people’s face last summer when it nominated widely loathed Hillary Clinton instead of widely popular Bernie Sanders and lately was pressuring presidential electors to be faithless, the Republican Party no longer holds a shred of respect for democracy and the right of the American people to self determination by the power of our vote. It very much reminds me of when Chris Hedges tells us time and again that he sees all the symptoms of dying empires in our country, especially the one when, in the final throws of empire, the ruling class lets go of all pretenses of propriety, indulging in their greed for wealth and power with no checks at all.

Bob Hall, from the nonpartisan watchdog Democracy North Carolina, told The Washington Post: “It’s hard to defend the system when people act this way.”

Before you rejoice over a “Republican” victory, should you traditionally see the Republican Party as your friend and helper, please realize this: destroying democracy doesn’t help any of us. We, the people, have been hoodwinked by these two major political parties, the “Dems” and “Reps”, who – while deceiving us with their good-cop/bad-cop routine – both work for the robber billionaires who for decades have been selling our jobs overseas, running down our government services, making our formerly widely available education way too costly, profiteering in our healthcare system, enabling Wall Street and investment banksters to rob us of our homes and pensions, pushing us into debt, turning our government into their cash cow to plunder our tax dollars, starting frivolous wars to engage in an orgy of war profiteering and raised oil prices, fueling terrorism to hold us in fear, and funding a lobbyist army which keeps almost every politician from being honest.

The “Republican” and “Democratic” Parties neither stand for a republic (which is defined as a representative form of democracy) nor any kind of democracy, at all. Instead, they are two influence-peddling gangs working for one and the same boss, namely our despicable oligarchy formed by the billionaire class, even as these two gangs and their influential members compete with one another for the best seats and the choicest bribes. Their operatives in “elected” offices and similar positions of influence are nothing other than common thugs, with very few exceptions, despite of all their smarmy or even charming ways by which they delude us into thinking that they are our friends.

We have to start fighting back and recognize that we are not each others’ enemies, whether we are traditionally “conservative” or “liberal”, “right”, “left”, or “libertarian”, blue-collar or white-collar, nurse, teacher, or cop, male, female, white, black, brown, religious of one flavor or none, or whatever divisive label you can dig up. We are the people — Americans who simply want to live good lives worth living, marked by liberty and justice, safety, and a decent amount of prosperity. And we have one public enemy: the ruthless robber billionaires with their evil corporations and henchman politicians. We must unite and oust these leeches on our country, our democracy, and our lives.

As I have suggested before, the best way to make the change we need may be to flood the local chapters of both parties, take over our town governments as well, and work upward from there with an agenda of priorities that unites us while simultaneously supporting anti-corruption, anti-election-theft, and anti-money-in-politics initiatives.

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2 thoughts on “North Carolina: The Gloves Are Off – The Gang War is ON

  1. “the Republican Party no longer holds a shred of respect for democracy and the right of the American people to self determination by the power of our vote.”

    What nonsense. Who do you think elected those Republicans? Martians? The “American People” did. You’re just pissed because it turns out there are more of us than there are of you for a change. Democrats have been Gerrymandernig districts for 40 years and when the tables are finally turned they piss and whine like it was the end of life as we know it.

    “We have to start fighting back…”

    Well Duh. That’s what opposing philosophies do in a civil government. Keep on fighting back. So will we. May the best ideas win at the voting booth. Oh wait, we did.


    1. Who elects anybody in our country? Answer: The oligarchs. You and I only get to walk into the voting booths and rubber-stamp their selections. And whether we vote Republican or “Democrat”, we sign the death sentence for our democracy. It matters not if we sign “left” or “right.”

      “Opposing philosophies?” Please wake up to the fact that the oligarchs are playing us against each other using that good-cop/bad-cop routine of the Reps and Dems. This article isn’t about slandering the Reps to make the Dems look better. It’s about revealing how the political class is increasingly letting go of all pretenses that they are sticking to democratic principles. In NC, they simply have revved up the games part of bread and games with this appalling move to strip the governor of power because he happens to be a member of the other political gang (or sports team… yeah, our politics has become like spectator sports).

      You got me pegged wrong thinking I am a “Democrat” or “liberal,” Wrightclick. I am not. Therefore I don’t begrudge “your” team its majority. Your reaction, which looks like a knee jerk reaction against your assumed enemy on the other side of the isle (me) doesn’t apply since I am not there. You are not doing yourself or your friends and family a favor letting yourself be played like this by the ruling class which screws us all and will keep doing so until we REALLY fight back. Fighting back doesn’t mean taking part in that fake fight between Reps and Dems. It means all of us fighting back against the oligarchs. Let’s fight for democracy!



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