A Last Ditch Effort Regarding Edward Snowden

To many people, whistleblowers are heroes who alert us to wrongdoings in high places where all too often a lack of accountability reigns.

The probably most well known case is that of Edward Snowden who gave up a beautiful life in Hawaii to serve his country and his people by letting us know that the NSA was unconstitutionally spying on us all, and who has had to take refuge in Russia of all places — the heartland of the former Soviet Union which the big shots and press in the West always condemned for spying on its citizens and retaliating against whistleblowers and having no constitutional protections for its citizens!

Will he soon be killed?

President-elect Trump has picked a chief for the CIA (Mike Pompeo) who has officially called for Snowden’s execution (which he may turn into a CIA assassination soon). So, currently, a last ditch effort is underway to urge outgoing President Obama to pardon Snowden. Sadly, Obama has previously declined citing a needless technicality (claiming he could only pardon court-convicted people, which however isn’t the case) and holding against Snowden that he hadn’t “followed procedure”). (Sources: The Intercept, The Independent)

Even if Obama (who has a terrible record concerning whistleblowers) stubbornly refuses to the end, large crowd petitioning for the pardon could possibly sway Trump who has so far flip-flopped between death penalty calls and pardon considerations concerning well known whistleblowers like Snowden and Julian Assange.

Hence, signing this petition could be well worth it in the fight for a just government.

Here is some relevant background to Edward Snowden’s case, including how unwise it would have been for Edward Snowden to “follow” the “procedure” Obama mentioned: NSA Watchdog Removed for Whistleblower Retaliation (POGO)

As it turns out, Edward Snowden did not have the option Obama talked about, and the very Inspector General who criticized Snowden for going public has been found guilty of reprisals against whistleblowers. Quotes:

“Given the official finding that Ellard retaliated against an NSA whistleblower, the credibility of Ellard’s argument that Snowden could have come to him is gravely undermined. More generally, there are few if any incentives for intelligence whistleblowers to report problems through designated authorities when the Inspector General of NSA is found to have retaliated against such an individual.”

“Thomas Drake, who after reporting alleged wrongdoing through authorized channels, was arrested at dawn by the FBI, stripped of his security clearance, charged with crimes under the Espionage Act, all of which were later dropped, leaving him to find work in an Apple store.”

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “What Impact Will Trump Presidency Have on Freedom of Edward Snowden & Julian Assange?”)

In conclusion, Snowden deserves our help considering what he did for us at the cost of great risk and sacrifice, and the wholesale corruption spread so widely through our government and economy requires that we fight for justice all over the place.

Here, once more, is the LINK TO SIGN THE PETITION.


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In other words, participate! 😉

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