Bait and Switch at the Ballot

As I have warned before, ballot initiatives (though great to bypass our corrupt “elected” officials) can easily be used to hoodwink us. Caution is advised! Know your Ballot Initiative! Here, once more, is a nifty newscast making it all clear. It’s something you should know about.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Corporations Use Democracy To Kill Their Competition | Election Day Coverage 2016”)

What can we do to protect ourselves? 

Obviously, we should inform ourselves before we vote. One help could be the advertisement our corrupt rulers launch beforehand about any false flag ballot initiatives they are running. In other words, don’t automatically believe any advertisement you see regarding ballot initiatives. Instead, use your brain to consider that anyone able to finance an ad campaign is probably running on corporate money. So, don’t just believe what ads come flying by, but use them to alert you to an upcoming ballot initiative you need to do a quick bit of research on and then share it with all your friends.

Then there are those anti-corruption ballot initiatives such as from Represent.Us which can indeed help us reduce the political corruption.

A great idea, if doable, might be to pass laws which automatically invalidate any misleadingly named laws and ballot initiatives whose names say the exact opposite of their content. Another approach might be to install multi-partisan, independent commissions for controlling the titles and potentially misleading language of ballot initiatives, instead of leaving it, in each state, to an easily (and usually) bribed single person: the secretary of state.

You may push forward some of these approaches. Otherwise, in the meantime, let’s stay alert.

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