What Will be Obama’s Legacy?

To me, Obama’s legacy (combined with Shillary’s fraudulent primaries), is that it is now crystal clear that the “Democratic” Party has ceased to be the party of the people. His campaign promises of “hope” and “change” were all hollow. Both the GOP and the D-Party are now exposed as servants of the oligarchy who deceive us with a good-cop/bad-cop routine in order to have us fight each other instead of our cruel and horribly destructive oligarchy which ruins our lives, democracy, country, and planet. —- For those who still comfortably keep their head sticking in the sand on the “conservative” a.k.a. “right” a.k.a. “republican” side, Trump will hopefully soon pull the wool from their eyes when he and his new cabinet of Wall Street gangsters start looting our country no holds barred.

What is your view of his legacy?

Please comment below.


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