Money in Politics: The Stake in our Hearts

The enormous corruption at the top of our country which – as “Money in Politics” – drives all our governmental decisions, not only creates a terribly unjust society which kicks equality and liberty to the curb, but it is like a stake in our hearts when it comes to our ability to rise up and set matters right. It is deeply demoralizing, but we must not let the corruption prevail.

Represent.Us came out with a fitting video about this:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may find it on the Represent.Us site or search the Internet for the title: “Unscripted: This is what corruption really costs us”)

Knowing that our selected, rather than elected, officials ignore our needs and wishes, we feel so powerless that only about half of our eligible voters ever vote, whereas in countries with at least somewhat functioning democracies whose governments arrange for universal healthcare, job security, and good schools, to name a few things, have 90% voting. In a situation this bad, we however need to do more than just vote, since our vote no longer makes a difference when nothing but establishment candidates are available on our ballots and countless tricks for the establishment to steal elections are in place should a valid candidate show up. We actually need to rip out that stake and use it as a weapon to fight for democracy in our land which always espoused to be the beacon of democracy but has long stopped being governed by its people. Yes, outrage over how we are manipulated, disenfranchised, and betrayed from above can lift us out of our learned helplessness. With efforts like anti-corruption ballot initiatives such as by Represent.Us and genuine candidates from grassroots organizations like BrandNewCongress or OurRevolution and by working to unrig our elections and mobilizing to take over local party chapters and governments, we can fight back swinging that stake of outrage. The links in the last sentence make for a good beginning.

So, let’s not allow our outrage to die down. Have it grow as the reasons for it continue. Get up from where the establishment has us on the floor bleeding and writhing, and come out swinging! Such corruption has been overcome before. We can do it again, and maybe even better than ever before, namely when we realize that the half measures taken by those before us (like a political democracy easily bought out by an undemocratic private sector that should also have been democratized) were not enough.


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