Three Wishes for Trump

New Mr. President, can we have three wishes? How about investigating 911 and all living former presidents for crimes of corruption (including the Clinton Foundation)? How about putting powerful controls on the CIA without getting yourself assassinated? How about investigating and fighting all forms of election rigging and theft in the U.S. (including the gerrymandering and the “Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck” program which helped you become president, plus the theft of the primaries from Bernie Sanders)? Are these still only three wishes, or did I go over the maximum already?

How about breaking up the big banks (including Goldman Sachs despite all of your cabinet appointments which are coming from that den of thieves)? How about ending the neoslavery of our prison-industrial complex and pardoning all our political prisoners and those whistleblowers who haven’t been caught, yet? How about rallying the American public and, with our support behind you, putting pressure on Congress to implement Medicare for all (the way Obama should have done with his landslide mandate), as well as a wealth tax (which helps to create a fairer society than any form of income tax according to economic computer models), a robot tax, and a guaranteed basic income financed from those taxes just mentioned, thus solving our existential fears and tribulations?

How about pulling our troops out of all those foreign wars for oil and gas? How about a determined switch of our nation to clean, green energies even though you have positioned yourself against that? It’s about our survival on this planet, after all. How about placing import taxes on all cheap-labor-country products (didn’t you actually promise something like that?)?

Oh, no! I definitely have exceeded the three wishes one gets from rubbing a magic lamp. Besides, you aren’t the genie you voters thought you were, are you? What are the chances for finding a magic lamp that works, anyway? Somewhat better than you draining the swamp, isn’t it?

Anyway, the above are a good start for things a great administration in a less corrupt America could possibly do. Except for escaping CIA reprisals, I fear. That’s probably way unrealistic, as overcoming the power of the Deep State surely requires more than a magical president. A sober reminder that merely voting for presidential candidates doesn’t accomplish much. We need to do a lot more to fix our rigged system.


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