Raise Hell about Health Care: Call the Malfeasants until their Phones Melt

Our corporate-paid pretend-representatives in Congress dismiss us and our needs outright. What else is new. Still, they run offices with a staff serving them. How about we put them to work answering outraged callers? Protest-emails can be easily deleted, but a phone in use is a phone in use. Perhaps our wrath will filter through. At the very least we may cause a nuisance.

In case you missed it: The Sanders-Klobuchar Amendment, which would have allowed Americans to re-import prescription drugs from Canada at half our usury prices at home, failed by a narrow margin of 52 nays to 46 yeas – despite of 12 Republicans joining the yeas – because 13 Democrats chose to please their Big Pharma sugar daddies by voting against it under the false pretext of drug safety — blatantly false since all twelve voted to lower drug safety standards in the 21st Century Cures Act. Here they are, with their office’s phone numbers (note: being from the same state makes more impact):

  1. Michael Bennet – CO – 202-224-5852
  2. Cory Booker – NJ – 202-224-3224
  3. Maria Cantwell – WA – 202-224-3441
  4. Tom Carper – DE – 202-224-2441
  5. Bob Casey – PA – 202-224-6324
  6. Christopher Coons – DE – 202-224-5042
  7. Joe Donnelly – IN – 202-224-4814
  8. Martin Heinrich – NM – 202-224-5521
  9. Heidi Heitkamp – ND – 202-224-2043
  10. Bob Menendez – NJ – 202-224-4744
  11. Patty Murray – WA – 202-224-2621
  12. Jon Tester – MT – 202-224-2644
  13. Mark Warner – VA – 202-224-2023

The newly sworn-in president claims he will give us all affordable health care coverage. Well, just in case he really tries, ringing the senators’ phones off the hook may help to pave the way, and our most corporatist “Democrats” need to be reined in or made an example of if there is to ever be any hope of reforming the “Democratic” party back into a people’s party like Bernie Sanders hoped (or still hopes?) to do.

If you’d like to watch a spirited rant about this:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Cory Booker & Corporate Democrats Screw Over The Poor & Bernie’s Bill”)

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