Rampant Corruption: Nearly this Entire State House of Representatives Should be Impeached

South Dakota is being choked in the strangle hold of its state house of “representatives” who declared a bogus “emergency” in order to not only repeal the anti-corruption ballot initiative passed by voters last November, but also to block any veto referendum from the voters. Yesterday, the crooked politicians voted 54 to 13 to repeal the law that was to keep them honest.

South Dakotans should ring their phones off the hooks and campaign never to cast a single vote for any of these 54 self-identified crooks again.

I don’t know who they were, leave alone their phone numbers, but the bill they voted on (HOUSE BILL NO. 1069) to safeguard their corruption was apparently introduced by “REPRESENTATIVES” Rhoden, Anderson, Bartels, Beal, Brunner, Campbell, Carson, Chase, Clark, Conzet, Dennert, Duvall, Glanzer, Gosch, Greenfield (Lana), Haggar, Haugaard, Heinemann, Jamison, Jensen (Kevin), Johns, Johnson, Kaiser, Karr, Kettwig, Latterell, Livermont, Marty, May, McPherson, Mickelson, Mills, Otten (Herman), Peterson (Kent), Peterson (Sue), Pischke, Qualm, Rasmussen, Rounds, Rozum, Schaefer, Schoenfish, Steinhauer, Tulson, Turbiville, Willadsen, Wollmann, York, and Zikmund and SENATORS Greenfield (Brock), Bolin, Cammack, Cronin, Curd, Ewing, Haverly, Jensen (Phil), Klumb, Kolbeck, Langer, Maher, Monroe, Netherton, Novstrup, Otten (Ernie), Partridge, Peters, Rusch, Soholt, Solano, Stalzer, Tapio, Tidemann, White, Wiik, and Youngberg – which ought to tell us plenty.

This shameful yeah-to-corruption bill which trashes the anti-corruption law only recently enacted by South Dakota’s voters per ballot initiative must now pass the senate committee and senate floor (which it surely will (more offices to call in protest)). Therefore it also has not yet been signed by the governor (who is also eager to drown the anti corruption law). So, maybe, governor Dennis Daugaard is whose office phone should be called off the hook about this even before the crooked “representatives” who voted on House Bill 1069 and the senators who are about to do so are called. According to his website, this is his office’s phone number: 605-773-3212

From the Koch brother’s involvement with preventing an then annulling the anti-corruption ballot initiative (a.k.a. Measure 22), it is also quite clear that in South Dakota, the establishment is fighting hard to kill a precedent which could otherwise more easily be repeated in other states of our union where we, the people, are equally fed up with the awful corruption in our high places.

If you’d like to watch a newscast on the disgraceful event, here is one (the recent event starts 5:40 minutes into the clip):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Corrupt Politicians Scramble To Protect Their Bribes”)


NOTE: There exists a Facebook page of Represent South Dakota which, together with Represent.Us (which has a petition about this for us to sign, by the way), made the anti-corruption ballot initiative happen. Additional important info may pop up there.

For people interested in fighting the corruption in U.S. politics, there exists besides Represent.Us also Wolf Pac.


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