Breaking: A Delay in South Dakota’s Anti-Corruption Repeal – We can still weigh in!

As I reported two days ago, the state house of “representatives” in South Dakota this Tuesday voted that their corruption is sacrosanct and the will of the voters, who passed an anti-corruption ballot initiative to keep their politicians honest, counts for nothing. In the article I called for a barrage of phone calls of these malfeasant politicians’ offices. My reach is sadly far too small, but I don’t seem to have been the only one spreading the news and calling to action on social media. And so, today, Represent.Us sent out a message that a wave of national attention, local outrage, and – yes – a deluge with calls from angry voters has given these goons pause. They have delayed the repeal vote, apparently for five days.

Represent.Us is organizing to pack the Senate chambers. Clicking here, you can chip in to help fund the trip for activists coming from across the state.

Let’s hope we can protect this precedent of a successful ballot initiative against our establishment politicians’ outrageous corruption.

For once I can feel like I may have had a tiny positive impact (and I am glad others had a lot more). I hope you can feel that way, too. 😉


Please comment below. And maybe subscribe to this blog. 😉




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