So Many News This Week (2017-01-27)

This week has had a flurry of important news each of which I’d love to write about individually. Since this blog is not how I make my living (very sadly), I can’t write a post for each of them nor provide supportive links (aside from a Democracy Now video down below which mentions many). Still, for those who read my posts and likewise are very short of time, here is a news summary of some of the most time sensitive:

  1. In a very unusual move, the entire state department’s senior level management has been ousted by Trump, probably the single biggest dumping of institutional memory ever in U.S. government history. (Officially, all those senior agents tendered their resignations, but since they were closely working with Trump’s transition team, it’s more likely they were ordered to tender them when they had hoped to keep their jobs as is customary.)
  2. Trump has officially endorsed torture. Even leading Republicans are decrying this, and Britain has warned it may stop sharing intelligence with the CIA as a consequence of Trump’s pro-torture stance.
  3. Yesterday, over 5000 people in Philadelphia protested Trump’s visit to the city. Imagine an American president not being able to visit American cities without being met by thousands of protesters who want him gone. Yikes!
  4. I keep hearing that Trump is more unpopular than G.W. Bush was after Hurricane Katrina.
  5. Trump continues promoting the fantasy that millions of illegitimate voters voted for HRC, thus to explain away his loss in the officially reported popular vote. It’s the same tale by which, prior to the election, he justified the purging of millions of legitimate voters because they had names similar to other voters elsewhere in the country (the secret recipe being that the names were selected for being non-white so as to keep likely “democratic” voters from voting). Another bogus justification used for this Republican strategy of purging voters is the allegation of double voting. In reality, practically all people who are registered to vote in more than one state are simply people who have never been told they need to unregister from states where they previously lived. None of them travel across states to vote more than once. Trump’s own family and cabinet members Jared Kushner, Tiffany Trump, Steven Bannon, Sean Spicer, and Steven Mnuchin were all registered to vote in at least two states during the November 8 election. Maybe he should have them arrested for double-voting?
  6. There is news on the anti-corruption act in South Dakota about which I’ll write an entire post.
  7. OurRevolution and BraveNewCongress is being joined by JustDemocrats, about which I plan to soon write another post, as well.

Some of the above – and more – news can be viewed here:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Top U.S. & World Headlines — January 27, 2017”)


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