First Week Update on the Justice Democrats

Update from Wednesday, Feb. 2: 95,000 members and counting, 2240 nominations and counting, 17,600 donors and counting, $315,000 and counting .


Everybody KNOWS it’s a SO-CALLED democracy!


Note on Rigging: The political crooks sometimes flip the vote (in certain districts) but not (yet) everywhere. So, our election rigging doesn’t necessarily predetermine the exact outcome numbers but rather skew them. And that skewing can be overcome, as Obama proved in 2008 and Bernie Sanders almost proved (or actually proved, depending on how you look at it) last year when he was running against much, much tougher rigging which the Clinton machine had been preparing for 8 years to be too rock solid for her to suffer a second defeat in the primaries.


How do you know it’s the real deal? Will they take the pledge to take no corporate money and no billionaire money – that’s how you know if this person is the real deal. That’s what Justice Democrats is all about. … This is about you. We are running regular people. That’s who should be in there; not these elites who were in the Good Sperm Club, who went to Harvard ’cause daddy got them in there, and then they get elected and represent their donors. We want regular people, we want working people.


Here is much of this from the horse’s mouth:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Justice Democrats Mentioned On MSNBC – The Establishment Hears You”)

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